OFFICIAL Matteo Guendouzi (Out)

Keep or Sell?

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You don't get a call up into the France squad at 20 years old if you don't have quality. Arteta has his differences with him obviously but that doesn't take away the fact he's a huge talent. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll see that being fulfilled with us.


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with players like Guendouzi in the age they in you can't trust them in dressing room he may be pro in first 10 games but when things not going his way his attitude start to stinks he need to learn how to be pro because so far whereever he went there is 2-3 problems.


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seems to just act up round managerial changes :lol: loyal as a dog & few issues to those that put faith in him

only just turned 22 as well! people making mad excuses for players like Grealish & Maddison in their mid 20s


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I am reading that, while Benfica and Dortmund are interested, Guendouzi has his mindset on Marseille.
So Arsenal may not have much leverage here with the player going on his last year.
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