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Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by kraphtous, Apr 20, 2018.

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    You’re probably right tbh.

    Tbh I’m not sure he would even be any good at the director of football role. He was basically in that role after Dein left and had a shocker. Transfer business was awful and by all accounts he’s a very indecisive negotiator.

    Would also quite like the club to move away from his patented ‘socialist wage structure’ model and the idea that letting players run their contracts down is sensible.
  2. Aevi

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    I mean, that's just wrong.

  3. say yes

    say yes To VAR

    Missed the Lyon link so stand corrected there.

    He clearly hasn’t been offered the Bayern job however and Napoli went for Ancelotti.
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    You know this how? If anything he was heavily linked to both Bayern and Real. Seems he turned them down. He was also linked to a slew of smaller clubs with ambition but seems to have turned them down as well. Fifa also wooed him publicly with a bespoke job tailored for him but he seems to have turned them down as well. Also David Dein has mentioned that a slew of top clubs have been vying for him.

    To all those trying to create this narrative that no one wants him, you actually need some kind of evidence, just repeating garbage like some sort of mantra the talking heads on tv do won't work. "Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable." IF WE KEEP SAYING IT LONG ENOUGH, ENOUGH PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE US AND THEN IT WILL BECOME TRUE.
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    You know this how? As for Napoli probably because Arsène turned them down.
  6. OneAW!

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    He's always been his own DoF even when Dein was here. Dein just did the negotiating for him. Unfortunately it all went to hell once Gaz got that job.
  7. say yes

    say yes To VAR

    Yep @OneAW! that all seems very plausible.

    Arsène who, by his own admission, is desperate to return to top flight management has secretly refused jobs at Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Napoli in the last 12 month :rofl:
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    Bayern have given Kovac the chance to keep going after results started to improve, so they haven't been needing a switch. Arsène might also have rejected Napoli, we don't know.

    Generally, it seems he has just been content to wait on a return to management. I know from someone who has talked to him recently that the work he is doing now has allowed him to relieve stress a bit, he's happy with the time away for now and isn't in a rush to return.
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    say yes To VAR

    No point me commenting on the speculation but this part is good to know. Was far too stressed towards the end of his time here.

    He’s still got an amazing career ahead of him, just doubt that it’s in management.
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    He looks worse than he ever has. He needs to return to top flight management soon.
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    Sorry but there are only a handful of managers who can make players play like this:

    And according to some this was his worst season ever.

    This is what Pep has. This is what Sarri has.

    Your Allegri's, Conte's and Emery's can set a team up with some simple one dimensional sit back and defend and counter bullshit, but they can't do this! They cant create a team that can play with this kind of style and verve. This kind of football creates teams that are more than a sum of their parts. THIS is why Wenger was able to consistently make top 4 for SO long despite severe financial restrictions AND the refs working against him.

    THIS is why Juve want Sarri and have let Allegri go!

    And this is why we need Wenger back!
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    Let's see the defending equivalent
  13. Slartibartfast

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    Still the ladies' man, that sly old dog.

  14. Makingtrax

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    What a man. There won’t be another revolutionary manager like him that can achieve so much with limited resources over such a sustained period . . . and be a philosopher and an all round decent human being. Certainly not at Arsenal and probably not in the Premiership.

    Would love to have seen him manage a side where money was no object like Pep. It would have been a thing of real beauty.
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    He won't become corrupt. My fear is that he will re-legitimize that **** hole. Once they have the veil of purity that Wenger will bring them the corruption will continue behind the scenes. Eventually the blame will be placed on his shoulders and it could tarnish his name.
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  18. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Policing Emery's English Skills

    Infantino has just been re-elected as President. So Arsène would work under him as a technical advisor on rule changes and the like.

    Infantino is not whiter than white and has been criticised by a number of people, despite getting off charges that he broke the code of ethics.

    ‘Don’t do it Arsène!!!’
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    Imagine if Wenger somehow got a proper FFP put in place, he'd probably deserve credit for every trophy the club would win afterwards for evening the playing field. :lol:
  20. hydrofluoric acid

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    Wenger to prosecute City and PSG for breaking the FFP. Lovely stuff!

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