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Merci Arsène


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It's not hypocrisy that suddenly everyone is starting to appreciate his greatness, it's just human nature. It hasn't even begun, it will be appreciated much more in the following years. But every Arsenal fan worth their salt will respect him as our greatest manager. Only Utd fans can talk to us because only they have had a manager in recent memory in the same category as Wenger. Fans of any other club have no right to speak.

It's at times like this, when we look back on his achievements, that that sorry excuse for a club a few miles away is shown up for the meaningless, momentary fart-in-a-bath that it is.

People often use Arsenal as a joke these days, but they simply have poor memories and shallow knowledge. It is The Arsenal and it's one of the greatest clubs in the world, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Lol totnum finished above us every year since I wrote that.


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I’m glad he is not going to our matches, feels like best suited for both parties

I don’t think sir Alex sitting at old Trafford like a hawk does em
Any good

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People excited for a lot of technical midfielders again (I remember people crying we had too many back then but whatever), but for me it's the movement more than anything. On paper it was Cazorla-Özil-Rosicky ahead of Ramsey and Arteta but when you look at this move it's only really Arteta who stays in his position, Rosicky comes central, Cazorla drops deep, Ramsey makes forward run and Özil ends up on the right to cut back for Cazorla.

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@Blood on the Tracks makes his life goal possible by meeting the Great Man 🤝👏

Honestly If I had the option of meeting 5 famous figures in human history, living or dead, Arsène would be on the list for sure. I doubt any other football figure would make my top 50.

What's weird is I doubt Arsenal and football would even be in the first 10 things I asked him about. I'd just want to know his opinions on absolutely everything.

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Martin Tyler's commentary after Jose Antonio Reyes (RIP) scores the winner against Middlesborough

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