Mesut Özil (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Ewarwoowar, May 26, 2017.

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    I never compared Özil to Xavi. I said their situation was similar. Özil at 31 is in the same situation that Xavi was at 35. But Xavi knew when to go. He left a massive contract and took a paycut to go to Qatar despite being on massive wage.

    My point was in reply to @GDeep™ post that no footballler can move to the middle East except he gets a massive increase in wages
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    I don't think training with reserves would bother him. He'd find a way to spin it in his favour. He'd post a picture with an 18 year old and say something like, "Proud to be sharing my experience with the future of Arsenal" #yahgunnersyah #mrmiyagi
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    "bUt foOotBallERz dOn'T tAkE pAY cUT to mOVe eLseWhERe."
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    Yeah Gdeep repeats that a lot like it never happens :lol:
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    I wish that guy on AFTV never had that meltdown all those years ago. We never would have signed Özil. Then again we'd probably have given 350k a week to Walcott and had the same problem
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    Man this forum really doesn’t need 2 Özil threads :lol:
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    Flamini, staff? I heard he could buy out Arsenal FC if he decided to sell his biotech company...
    But would he be a good owner? I think he would be a great owner.
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    This one will be locked soon as well :drool:
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    Had to re-read this before i realized you wrote tax relief :rofl:
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    Can probably close the 'Performances' one...he is unlikely to 'perform' for us again.

    He'll see out his contract with us.
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    And Inter Milan the rest.

    Mesut won't leave for Saudi, nobody in his position would.
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    The whole stuff is so bad that even if a club like inter come in for him, I don't see him leaving. He likes it here not because he loves the club. But because he's comfortable here. This us a culture that took root under Wenger whereby players were no longer held accountable. Özil is the last vestige of that era. The day he leaves will be a new dawn for the club and an unshackling of the club's feet.
    He knows that there's no expectations on him by the fans. Even in the days where he played bad, (which was most days) he'd still be excused by the fans and instead other players were blamed for his poor performances.

    Also he knows that leaving here might see his brand value plummet.
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    I think staying might just as well see his brand plummet tbh.
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    It's such a shame how things have turned out with Mesut. I was never so hyped for a signing as the day we bought him.

    I'm sure there's enough blame to go around on both sides as to why things have turned out the they way they have. He's within his rights to sit his contract out if that's what he's intent is.

    Massively talented footballer, should be at the peak of his powers at 31. Tells you something about his mentality and desire though that only retirement leagues are offering him a deal. What a waste of talent.
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    One is 31 and one is 35. That's a whole standard 4-year contract between them. The situations are not similar at all.
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    Any n3ws?
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    Reported to mods
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