Mesut Özil: These Öz Ain't Loyal

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by razörist, Aug 18, 2020.


Why do you believe he's been left out?

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  2. Criticism of China

  3. Paycut refusal

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  1. Blood on the Tracks

    Blood on the Tracks Well-Known Member

    Just for context, a lot of us get tarred as Özil haters.

    Ozils remains my favourite signing of all time. I adored him as a player. I loved the flair and thought him the ideal Arsenal and Wenger signing. He was in a lot of ways. I'd defend him over any criticism that came his way for the majority of his career here.

    About 18 months to 2 years ago I realised that I wasn't defending him for the current performances he was putting in anymore, I was defending him out of adoration for his style of play, and what he used to be as a player and my stubbornness.

    People can call me an Özil hater or whatever, I don't think it's true. I just took the blinkers off and started judging his performances how they were rather than how I wanted them to be, or how they were in the past.
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  2. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Never validate a bullshit allegation with a defence. Let the allegation ring out.
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  3. Red London

    Red London Well-Known Member

    This is exactly me.
  4. Macho

    Macho Established Member Trusted

    Many of us tbh.

    Özil was best no.10 in the world when we signed him, nobody saw this coming. In terms of excitement, statement and hope, Özil comes 2nd after Bergkamp in my opinion.

    If anything, Özil is the bigger star as the 90's was different.
  5. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    Özil never has the ability to play wengerball.
    He doesn’t involve in a lot of general play.
    He focus on counter, not possession football.
    He doesn’t have any dribbling skills.
    sanchez, van Persie, fabregas, Hleb, cazorla, nasri, rosicky, arshavin.....they are Wengerballers.
  6. Red London

    Red London Well-Known Member

    Cus I'm 23 Özil was the biggest by far for me. Alexis was also amazing too, I loved him at the WC before we signed him.

    With Özil though it just felt magical, I remember it like it was yesterday. I rememeber the way the whole day panned out.
  7. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    Özil is great with that “final play”, when he make the last pass. But in terms of playmaking during the whole 90mins, Özil would contribute nothing, literally nothing. This is his huge flaw that you have ignored. He is a huge liability to the team because of this.
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  8. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    I acknowledged his weaknesses way before he joined. And I was against the signing of Özil.
  9. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Was you a member here when he signed?
  10. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    No. I know there aren’t any prove. But honestly I was against the signing of him. Always thought he was not great in possession and not skillful enough.
  11. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    Can some of the Özil fans explain why you would ignore all of his limitations and weaknesses listed as below?
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  12. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    Other #10 are not being called lazy despite also doing minimal defensive work. So why only Özil gets the criticism? Because Özil’s main problem is not even in defending/tracking back. Other #10 would heavily involved in the build up phase, and create the difference in the final third phase. They do hell lots of other stuff when they are not defending. Özil would be invisible in attack, just focus on the last pass in the final third. So if he doesn’t make those pass, he is absolutely nothing on the pitch.

    I never rate players who can only operate well in one phase, but being a tactical liability in other phases.

    For all of the above (including the last few posts), I am not talking about the “declining” Özil. I am taking about the Özil who he always was. From day one he was here, he has all these flaws in his game.
  13. Macho

    Macho Established Member Trusted

    Jesus Christ. Ok you've made me like Özil again.

    Sorry to his fans who I have offended.
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  14. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    Tbh, I was happy too. I remember hearing we were signing him and I thought it was one of those media hogwash. But then, we did finally sign him.
    I thought was going to elevate us to elite level.
    I was over the moon.
    Looking back in hindsight, I'll have to say it was the wrong signing.
  15. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    I could almost guarantee you that the Özil ‘fans’ would leave you lot to it.

    If the mods are up for it we could find out right now.
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  16. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    I still remember where I was for that Ludogorets goal. My IG/Snapchat feed was full of Arsenal fans recording it. Me and my bro screamed the house down.
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  17. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    There are only 2/3 people in this thread who seem to hate Özil for some reason. They’re going to hide behind this post and say ‘yeah same man’ but they know who they are.
  18. freeglennhelder2

    freeglennhelder2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, same man.
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  19. Paddy from Sweden

    Paddy from Sweden Active Member


    Been carrying these thoughts and a lot more inside for a while and the feeling to post something has grown for every time I read this thread.
  20. CaseUteinberger

    CaseUteinberger Cazorla (not Carzola ffs)

    I think he feels both German and Turkish would be my bet. At least from his attitudes and value system he will be the product of Germany and Turkey.

    I am a child of parents from different countries and I think you carry that duality with you through life. Nothing wrong with that.
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