Mesut Özil (Out)

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I don't see him leaving until at least his contract finishes. He has just been put on the captains list which tells me that Emery wants him here at least to rotate, He's also said numerous times he's happy here & has no intention to leave anytime soon, has said he's happy here.

Agree, he's got free agent agenda written all over him. Can't say no to that signing on fee I guess.


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Agree, he's got free agent agenda written all over him. Can't say no to that signing on fee I guess.
Yes, he's already 30, by the time he's contract ends he'll be 32-33, by that time he'll probably be keen to either retire or go back to his original league & finish, retire there like Kos has if not try the MLS or something.


I have a hard time seeing him move to Washington d.c. And could any team in mls even afford him?
Only if MLS itself got involved to help pay the transfer fee, which they could do. But he could sign on a free after his contract is up as well. He'd take a pay cut playing for any team there though regardless I think.

Article seems to think it's a long shot anyway.


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It's the wages.
Wages or what he offers for that? Juve didn't have problems paying Ramsey top money, but somehow the best number 10 in universe is struggling to get any offers in Europe.
I don't mind him staying or leaving, makes no difference to our season. Problems come in when people start presenting him as a key player while it's clear to everyone that he retired when he signed new contract and is now China/MLS level of player.


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All the top clubs know Özil comes with the excessive baggage plus he's not down to do the doggy work in midfield and would require a Team to be built around him.

Too much hassle for a much lesser output.


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With Pepe Laca Auba upfront he will prove what kind of player he is. no chance of selling him.
This is it. People have been excusing him for not having any proper players to supply up front. This was sort of valid when it was Giroud up top. Last season with two deadly strikers this was proven to be a myth.

This season with another top quality forward the stars have aligned for Mesut. With the available outlets upfront he ought to be licking his lips. If he doesn't perform this year (personal drama aside of course) there are no more excuses.

I really hope he does as I was one of the people glad he signed the extension back then. On one hand because he is a big name and has a pulling effect on other top players, on the other hand because I was convinced there is still quality in there and I want to see it. Let's hope he feels the same and wants to prove it to the world.
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