Mesut Özil: Think This Might Be It For Me(sut)

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Oh my word, they’re actually just being petty now. Take the L like a man. Your legacy has been tarnished, deal with it. As I’ve said true ballers don’t constantly play the victim card.

How are you posting fake **** about the game while your agent is giving interviews talking **** about the manager. So two faced and PR driven, and people eat it up like it’s breakfast.


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Not a lot in that article. Mesut's agent says "there are more than footballing reasons" and then fails to really expound. He brings up some of the recent Arsenal PR disasters in recent time but doesn't really connect the dots tbh.

I'm still just bemused by the whole situation frankly

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Remember when Wenger dropped him, Emery dropped him, Freddie dropped him, then Arteta dropped him? Remember when it was the manager who was holding him back?

Remember when Özil was gash because Giroud was holding him back, or when it was because Santi was hurt, or when all he needed was a clinical finisher (Laca), or then when it was he simply needed a pacey clinical CF (PEA)? Remember when it was the players around him holding him back?

Remember when he couldn’t perform on the pitch consistently because the English media had it out for him? Or when it was because the German FA had it out for him and they dropped from the German NT, or when it was because of his comments on China, or when Raul personally had it out for him from the inside, or when it was the paycut refusal? Remember when he couldn’t perform because he was the victim of unfair criticism?

Remember when he played really well through all the “limitations” (players, media, manager, etc) in the lead up to his contract and he showed what many knew which was that everything with him comes down to application not ability, but shortly after the ink dried THREE year ago on said contract which made him the second highest player in the entire league his effectiveness fell through the floor and the ever evolving list of excuses for why he can’t be consistently effective came back?

Remember when the club needed him most to step up (send Wenger out on a high, get the club back in the CL via the EL, help stop the club slide down the table in the league, etc) he both figuratively and in some cases legitimately put his feet up on the club?

I remember it all.

Man has taken the club for a ride and it honestly blows my mind anyone that calls themselves an Arsenal supporter can still even attempt to back this charlatan. Some absolute legends graced the shirt at this club, they gave everything to the club and deserve all the effort and admiration, but it’s wild to (still) see so many prop up such a conman here on an Arsenal forum.
Sums every thought I have ever had on the matter up beautifully. Amazing post.


Can you guys tell me why it was leaked he refused a pay cut but the other names weren’t leaked?

Someone quote me and tell me.

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“It’s just pure stupidity.

“I think it’s the essential role of the agent not just to bring high transfers to clubs, but also where there’s a problem to fix it.

The role of the agent in the case of Mesut is to ensure he plays.

The only reason his agent is running his mouth now is because Kia got under his skin with the above comments. He could've said all that after Mesut didn't get registered for the EL, where he'd be most likely to get games.

Both Mesut and his agent would've known well ahead that they weren't geting picked. He had a couple of days to do it right after the deadline for the EPL, you just know Raiola would be on the ****ing phone right then and there giving away exclusives.

I'm down to putting money that Kia becomes Ozils agent by the time his Arsenal contract is through.
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I suspect Özil straight up doesn't want to listen to someone he played with and won more than and has probably not shown much respect to Arteta. But it's all guessing, I doubt we will ever know.
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