Mikel Arteta: 36 More Months


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Lol Arteta should remind the board every week about the discussions they had. Don’t let them leave you out to dry...
Can’t wait to win the PL in 2021! :lol:

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Nice moment for Mikel to be coming back here as a manager, I’m extremely sceptical about the hiring but it’s clear he’s been the club’s priority as they passed on both Ancelotti and Mourinho.

Hope it’s not too toxic if he struggles out the gate, it’ll be tough. Hope I’m proven wrong in the following years about him. I’d like to think has a big reputation for a reason. COYG.


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Emery backs him in a pretty deep interview. o_O

"He really is prepared to make that next jump," said Emery.

"He has been at Arsenal before, he's been in the Premier League and he has been working with Pep Guardiola. I do believe this is a good decision and I would also like it to be a good decision."


Awww Emery means so well! Such a good guy.

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Arteta will have such tough job it's important he get really good staff around him and be strong with these current players I'm sure half of them won't be here in summer but the 2nd half of season we'll need to do better

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