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Mikel Arteta: Artist, Manager, Legend 💡


Always Crying
Tricky Micky. The man who thought that one injury prone LB will be enough.

Get him out. It is insult to every Arsenal fan watching Cedric playing on the right.

hydrofluoric acid

Many Men Wish Death Upon Me
Could have scored goals tonight. Unlucky on that front.

But Willian was picked and he was useless for most of the match.

Cedric is Arteta signing and he has been beyond terrible and still gets picked.

Many decisions Arteta has made are coming back to bite him. He just hasn't managed the squad well enough this season. My leeway for him was for him to improve and have time. But the more decisions he takes the worse it gets.


Keeping The Bar Low

Did I miss something, are we out of the EL??

Stop crying and have a bit of balls and belief.

If we get knocked out next week then it's cry into the pillow time.


Very well-known
Also, why do we always go back to Wenger when we hit a bad patch? I know why some of you do it, you’ve been proven wrong non stop for the last 3 years and have to somehow still pull up the old guy but it’s boring now.

Since Wenger has left we can’t even pass and keep the ball. All those years me insulting Stoke and we’re just a multicultural Stoke.
Could say the same thing about yourself.

Arsenal Quotes

I'm prepared to be committed to the club at least until we go into the new stadium. For me, it’s important that the club goes in there and that I make sure the team are at a very good level. After that, whether it’s me or someone else, the club will be able to compete at the highest level. But for me to run away now would not be fair.

Arsène Wenger after extending his contract on 2004

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