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Mikel Arteta: Artist, Manager, Legend 💡


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My man Mikel. Please don't over complicate things. Just keep it simple.
Was it him who influenced pep all the time with weird formations in cl when they crash out vs Lyon :lol: this season pep had a proper line up.


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This team Auba upfront and Martinelli left (or even upfront) would be a easy WIN to Arsenal. Now, that fraud is still alive.

If he maintais his initial lineup that game would be 3-0 Villarreal minimum, however.

Again, a decent manager with a good man management would elevate this Arsenal to the TOP4, in fact it is a EASY job overcome this Arteta's work! Arteta is costing Arsenal a lot of points and the main problem, the future as well... with his rigid tactical views (poor imitation) and low IQ.

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It's been the same since October, no idea why people are acting like this is the straw that breaks the camels back. If we didn't sack him in the winter we're not sacking him for this, even if we lose next week. He's clearly unsackable no matter what happens, otherwise he'd have been gone months ago. If you don't sack for losing to Burnley, Wolves, Villa, etc in the space of a few weeks then I don't see why it'd be any different now. None of this makes any difference. The club has just accepted we're mid-table.


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Listen if we make it past Villareal by some miracle, United will crucify us, guarantee it.

Cavani will run riot, god help me I can't take this after Baku.


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How is it a great second half if the manager keeps Ceballos on after almost getting a second yellow a minute into the second half?

We managed 5 minutes of possession and you call it a great second half?

I’m sorry, Manberg, but you’re stretching it. The only two shots on target were from the penalty we got and from a late Auba chance when he finally decided to put a center half on after witnessing 85 minutes of one of our worst performances under him.

Today is not excusable for Arteta. He literally got everything he could wrong and insisted on his mistakes.

I hope he can turn it around the second leg, I really do. But tonight we saw the worst side of him yet.
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You only need a 1-0 win at home. I think you’ll qualify.

Emery will try to shut up shop in second leg and you’ll scrape through again I reckon.


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Head scratcher starting ESR up top. He can’t affect the game from up there and he hasn’t played there all season. Overthinking again to get best players on the pitch at the same time.

Already mentioned and it continues to be proven that Ødegaard and Saka don’t mix well on the same side. Both great players but something is wrong there.

Should have kept ESR central and played a CF, but I am just a fan, what do I know?

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