Mikel Arteta: Blinded By The Lights

Do you think that Arsenal should continue with Arteta during the 2021-22 season?

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  • No

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Sounds Like Hairspray
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Just hasn't worked out at all. You admit it was a mistake, sack the manager and find someone else. If they back him to go into next season they're genuine psychopaths out to ruin this club.

Tree Points

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Why would he want to join us though?
1. London is a big pull for any player and manager

2. Money. Arsenal will be able to pay him huge wages.

3. His ego. He will love the opportunity of getting Arsenal back into Champions League football.

4. History of the club. This should never be understated. Managers love coaching at the historic clubs.

5. Rodgers knows the good times won’t last at Leicester - they’re benefiting from Arsenal, Sp**s and Liverpool being ****.


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I would like to take this opportunity to suggest a new model of football management. Fire the manager and leave it there. We don't need one. Instead, hire a gangster squad that would pay a visit to the players' house with hockey sticks whenever we see such soulless performances. Let the players figure out themselves on how they want to play.


My brother posted it ⏩
Why don't you just shut the hell up? It's either you are a troll or as dumb as Arteta. You really believe that an inexperienced creature with an IQ of an Ostrich has the potential to be a fantastic coach/manager? He is not even a coach/manager material. He is not even qualified to be a PE teacher. He is fit to be a groundskeeper in a dilapidated school in Basque.

Emery properly schooled the vile creature and everyone can see that coming except you.

Pipe down.