Mikel Arteta: Blinded By The Lights

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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Absolute joke if this man isn't sacked. We sacked Emery for less than this. Arteta has been here long enough to give a fair judgement on him, and in honesty, he's ****ing useless - tactics are spineless, team selections are awful, subs are probably the worst thing like last night needing a goal, Auba hits the post and gets taken off? Why? Games like that Wenger would of went down fighting taking off all our defenders for attacking players. Arteta is a spineless, clueless, rookie **** who's so out his depth here he's drowning.
What's it going to take to get him sacked? Relegation? How can Ornstein say that the board think Arteta is part of the solution, not the problem? The players that started last night are Artetas players, he's either signed them (Partey, Mari etc) , gave them new contracts (Holding, Auba, etc) , or just plain refused to sell them (Bellerin, Leno).
This is all on him.


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Remember he's the only manager of the ESL English 4 who didn't criticise the ESL. Only one to defend the owners.

He does as he is told, that is clear as crystal, look at the Özil saga, look at the wage cutting. He's a stooge and they will keep him for as long as they can.

Don't forget he fooked off Martinez because Martinez wanted to be no. 1 after 10 years of service to the club. Is that how you treat your players? Let's replace him with rünarsson oh wait think we need someone from our good mates fatboy Slim fc.

Last week - we conceded a goal so our game plan didn't work. The saga writes itself.

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He does as he is told, that is clear as crystal, look at the Özil saga, look at the wage cutting. He's a stooge and they will keep him for as long as they can.

What else could he do? He doesn't have any pedigree, no past in the game as manager, he lives on the good will of the Arsenal leadership. Without these idiots he'd still do Pep's bidding at City. He's such a loser.


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What are the metrics our executives are gauged on? It's not only Arteta who's in the wrong. Honestly, I don't trust Edu or Vinai to find a good replacement even if they find balls to sack him.

It's a disaster from top to bottom. Overpaid underperforming charlatans at important positions setting this club backward year after year.

What do we have from this season?

- No youngsters brooded in except those introduced by Unai (and some got progressively worse or ran to the ground in lack of creative solutions). Balogun and Azeez got what, 120 minutes between them?
- Saliba ostracized for Mustafi, Luiz, and Holding solidifying our mid-table status.
- Broken all the wrong records and set the stage for long-term mediocricy.
- Extended Auba, signed Willian and Partey on high wages with no European football in sight.
- Another big decision flopped with Emi/Leno.
- No style of play, no exciting football, no system set up to look forward to.
- All our sellable assets devalued.

It's on Arteta yes, but someone from above had to guide him towards the above not happening.

The signs were there in the summer with Saliba situation and signing Willian right after Pepe started building up form/confidence. Edu green-lighted (even encouraged Willian) instead of moving toward a more proactive direction. We're in deep ****.

Papa Wonga

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Driving past the stadium this morning and it’s hard to process what happened in that building last night. That **** can not happen there in that fashion. Players arrived at and exited that building leaving such embarrassing memories behind for everyone. At least one head has to roll.
Everything's just rotten to the core my man.

The crest....the crest is heart braking on the front of the stadium, colours are wilting away, rust is beginning to show.

That performance last night was sickening.

Papa Wonga

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Maybe ornstein would understand if he was a ST holder or a paying fan, to pay and watch that ****, lmfao.

He's a tool. A shill for the KSE empire.


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How can he have the cheek to not blame the manager when we’re sat midtable and have lost to Emery in the EL?

He loves making out like we’ve got League 2 players and poor Mikel is blameless.
He’s on KSE payroll. Peddles their bullshit. They must think we’re as guillable Republican supporters.


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Posters going crazy on here last night. Why?

The 2nd leg against Villarreal was just an extension of what we've been seeing all season, crazy experiments, **** football and bad results. Only those posters who were blind couldn't see it.
There seemed to be some weird confidence that they were crap and we’d walk all over them despite the fact we haven’t walked over anyone at home. However, even though I felt we’d be knocked out, I was stunned at how meek that was.

What made me laugh was the AV podcast (which I like for the most part) doing rewatches of both halves against Villarreal and were making out as if we were doing interesting things and it just didn’t quite click. It was the first time I’ve watched one of their rewatches and just thought “no guys, we were just ****, there’s nothing interesting here it’s garbage.” Elliot Smith continuously saying things like “Sp**s are bad” “Everton are bad” “Villarreal are terrible”. It makes me cringe.

Clive as well, very intelligent bloke, conveys tactical ideas and insights across brilliantly, but yet always seems to think we’ll show up and win despite all evidence to the contrary.

Arsenal has been a huge part of my life and very few things hurt me more than seeing the state that we’re in right now. For my own sake I probably need to find other things but I’ll be there watching us every game again thinking “maybe if we do this, or sign player x things will get better” “Playing against Lokomotiv Plovdiv isn’t so bad, not easy to go to Bulgaria in those conditions and get a draw, Pepe scored so maybe he’ll transfer it to the league campaign”. “Oh we lost 14-0 to City but there was a period at 2-0 where we started some nice triangles and managed to get out of there press” like a ****ing idiot.

Sorry for rambling on there I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

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Arsenal fully on the Schalke trajectory. If no action is taken on all levels of staff, I can see this end very, very badly.

I don’t want to be over dramatic either but this is how things could get really ugly.

Uninterested owners, novices at DoF and manager. I think unless we change course rapidly we could get relegated within a few years.

Flying Okapis

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These are coaching and tactics issue. That’s what Freddie was hinting at in his commentary.

To some extent yes but I'm not fully having that, look at relegation battling sides at the end of the season who have been coached poorly and also been tactically poor all season but still understand and accept the pressure they are under and just turn up the heat as they are that desperate for the points.

There is coaching and tactics but I think its a bit of a cop out to put all the empathise on Arteta, again hes ****, we know that but does he really need to explain to the players that they just need to go gung ho at a certain stage in the game, does he need to hold up a huge clock showing time is running out..

At 0-0 we were going out but its like none of the players really cared to step it up and fight to go through, for me that is not all on Arteta.

Villarreal werent even good yesterday, they werent even challenged.

That is the biggest disappointment for me.

Last night is exactly why clubs have called Arsenal a soft touch for years and a bunch of pussies.