Mikel Arteta: Blinded By The Lights

Do you think that Arsenal should continue with Arteta during the 2021-22 season?

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My brother posted it ⏩
Said this last night about that vile creature comment.

Hate that **** and especially from behind a keyboard.

Like fair enough you'll have flair ups in here, person to person people will call eachother ****. But to call someone you don't even know and have no contact with a vile creature because he's losing football matches is a joke.


Points Out The Obvious
By the way if you rated Arteta as recently as...let’s say March. Please don’t try to debate/disagree with me because I don’t really care for your football opinion and you clearly don’t know ball.
Anyone who even wanted him in the first place is a fool. I was saying from day 1 this would be a bad appointment and would flop, but everyone was blinded.

Papa Wonga

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He's about to get a contract extension for an exceptional season given the circumstances.



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The owners and directors need to go just as much as the manager. What a ****in mess this is. As much as I want Arteta out what point is there sacking him now? Can't trust these incompetent bastards to appoint the right man when they are the biggest problem.

Papa Wonga

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Plenty of managers out their, just have to pick the right one, and from that list, it'd be bielsa or benitez. with Ragnick taking over Edu.


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Not going anywhere. Will prove himself. Oh well. Sure let's back the manager now and not hound him out :lol:

Papa Wonga

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Getting rid of Sir chips Keswick was Huge.

Imagine the elation when Stan ****s off with his parasitic family and yes-men (Ornstein / Teta)


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the biggest lesson we must learn from this abject season is - never loan players from major clubs who don't have any interest in playing for us, and never buy players who have spent their best years at a major club and have no interest in us apart from their salary

look down rather than up for new players, and look young rather than old and tired - then find a manager whose proven to bring out the best in young and inexperienced players - which is never going to be someone who learnt their trade at Manchester City