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Mikel Arteta: Managerial Royalty


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City is an automatic 1-0 loss, Sp**s and Brighton right now are just superior teams so not worried there. Dyche has our number too so even if Burnley hasn't started well I believe they can do the job

We can only pray Norwich is up for it and lashes out at us, despite the scorelines they look slightly better than they were last time in the PL, and hopefully that's enough for them to steal a win.

Finally there's a light at the end of this tunnel and this nightmare can end. The season will be unsaveable, but the whole Arteta era was a worthless period for us anyway. Hopefully Arteta ends up breaking De Boer's record for the worst start in the PL, football, like justice, eventually puts everyone in their rightful place, and for Artetaball, the worst football the league has seen in quite a while, it'd be fair to end with such record.


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There were lots of empty seats at the Chelsea game. That’sa huge red flag in terms of finances. That’s the kind of stuff that makes KSE move.
Counter argument. We spent 130 million and may spend more. Top spenders in the league. You don’t give a manager that much money to sack him after 5-7 games.


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Counter argument. We spent 130 million and may spend more. Top spenders in the league. You don’t give a manager that much money to sack him after 5-7 games.
They spent £150 million on Emery squad and sacked him when it became clear fans were not coming to games. Those expenses are made with expectations around future revenue. If it looks like Arteta is causing a signifcant downturn in match day income, I can see them binning him as they don’t want to reach into their own pockets to stabilise the clubs finances.

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
Spin, spin, spin. ElDumbassino.

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your boss flys in for the first full home game after 18 months... it doesnt sell out, we put on a pathetic performance, booed at half time, booed at full time & key figures harassed around the stadium.

mission accomplished :lol:

Apart from Edu who else got harassed?


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Should Arteta ultimately fail to turn Arsenal’s fortunes around, then the club are likely to make former Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte their first choice to replace him.

Conte is out of work after leaving Inter Milan during the summer and rejecting an approach from Tottenham to succeed Jose Mourinho.

Arsenal would need to convince Conte that he would be given the tools, and the money, with which to challenge for trophies at the Emirates and would reject any offer that he felt showed the Gunners are prepared to accept second best.

Don't play with my feelings like this. Don't do it, not if you plan to let me down in the end, Josh. Not when what you mean by improvement is a few points on the board and qualification to the Conference league. Don't bring my hopes up only to throw them down and step all over them with your heartless, trust fund baby, my mommy got me these to impress Vegas strippers, crocodile shoes.


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Was listening to the Handbrake Off podcast and even there they are starting to speculate when or if Arteta might be sacked. The pressure from outside is definitely building.

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
Under pressure after 2 games. Matt Law might be right. He might get binned after 5 more games.

Nah, he gets until Christmas if you ask me.

He'll get points at Norwhich and we do have a run this team SHOULD be able to do well, despite how badly and toothless we can be. There's no more running though.

He needs to be in the top 6 in order to be at the helm for another year. Any thing less and it's a complete an utter failure.


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The October international break mentioned in the article makes sense. Would be better for the new manager to start with a home game against Palace, rather than a trip to Anfield if they make a change in the November break.

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