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Mikel Arteta: Managerial Royalty


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City routinely overperform their xG; the best teams always overperform their xG. With two full seasons of overperforming our xG I think we can start to see that this isn't so much of an outlier, rather that it may be the norm.

From this season after MD37:
City - 93 goals on 78.6 xG
Arsenal - 89 goals on 73.2 xG
Lets hope they can, and tbh, its a actual goal diff of 4 and expected goal difference of 5.4, so its a 1.4 difference between the two sides now which isnt much. City have overtaken us in actual scoring over the pass few weeks.


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I'm glad they confirmed Arteta has been here 4 and a half years in this interview. Talked to an Arteta fan who tried to tell me he's only been here for 3 and I thought I was bugging.

He probably deleted his first half season at the club in his head cannon which a lot here like to do.

But his first year here is when he won his only trophy so far :lol:


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We have a brilliant manager. He has improved us tremendously. Hopefully soon we'll hear about a contract extension and we can get our summer business started to end Pep. This time next season, we will be champions. I'm sure of it.

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Top man this, and he knows that we need to get better.

I hope we go for it again next summer, we have areas to address, but we already have a superb base.

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His address to the crowd was brief and his voice broke in a couple of places. He's distraught as are all the coaching staff and players. He knows where it went wrong and he'll be desperate to put it right.


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Next season probably the most pressure focused in a while, tbh.

If he can't win the Premier League or Champions League, he needs AT LEAST an FA cup to try and build something with this group.

Most of these players haven't won anything here, so you can use the cup win ... "We have won a record 15th FA cup, now let's break the league drought!" ...and you could probably convince the main players to sign one more contract here until they are about 25/26 and go a few more seasons together.

By that point though they will definitely leave without a Prem or Champo, the sharks will very much be circling then.

Arsenal Quotes

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.
When you read some books they are fantastic, the writer touches something in you that you know you would not have brought out of yourself. He makes you discover something interesting in your life.
If you are living like an animal, what is the point of living? What makes daily life interesting is that we try to transform it to something that is close to art. And football is like that.

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Daily Transfer Updates

Tuesday, June 18

Arsenal’s primary focus is strengthening their midfield, with the club leaning towards adding #6 due to having more options for this position in the market [Gunnerblog]

Arsenal will continue to follow Benjamin Šeško’s progress and maintain a relationship with the player [Gunnerblog]

Monaco midfielder Aleksandr Golovin says he would be open to joining Arsenal: “But if you move, then only to top clubs. PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid. I would also say Arsenal, because I have always had sympathy for this club.” [TBR Football]

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