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Mikel Arteta: Managerial Royalty


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What this season should tell us is that beating Man City, Liverpool etc isn't what wins you the title.

If you put away the other sides consistently you'll win the PL even with a fairly average record against other title challengers.
That's why Arteta needs a City level squad to win the title. Proper depth to rotate and handle injuries.

It's obvious and has always been. Otherwise you just pray for a miracle.


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Had no idea about this wtf. I just had in my head he cost them about £50m because of Wenger's interview when he said if he was to sign one player it would be Neymar.

You're right about Cesc as a midfielder but bear in mind around that time he played false 9 for the Spanish national team and won the Euros playing from that position he was versatile enough to justify keeping him as a high quality squad player.

Similarly when they got rid of Sanchez to Arsenal that was also baffling to me as he was effectively a high quality utility forward who could play any of the front three positions without too much of a drop off.
Your last point about Sanchez is a thought I had at the time. He was actually a fantastic forward but from memory Barca were playing him rigidly off the left hugging the left touchline to stretch the pitch. I can’t remember if he played up front for them but would have been a fantastic option for them there. The guy had everything at that time


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From January 2015 he was mega washed. Aka the second half of the Chelsea season.

Good individual output for Barcelona in seasons which were seen as failures in Spain. Lost the league to Real, destroyed by Bayern and disrupted the greatest midfield of all time forcing Iniesta onto the wing.

Wasn’t as good as any of the main three and as soon as they upgraded to Rakitic they won the Champions League.
Barca had no business being so desperate for Fabregas, they only wanted him because he played for Arsenal and was La Masia. Barca will sign players just because they played for Arsenal.


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It's absolutely mad to look up after all those years of hating Stan and realize we've got really good ownership right now. There were some dodgy times in Arteta's first full year, but now, you can see the plan. Josh wanted Pep-ball in North London, so he hired Pep's top assistant and gave him money, and carte blanche to get rid of players not fit for purpose. And then having committed to a plan, he rode it out to see where it would go, rather than making a panic change.
We're also forgetting one critical factor of Arteta being our manager. He absolutely loves this club. It's not a job for him. He's been a player here, a captain here and he truly wants to see the club do well for him and the fans. It's a factor that gives him an edge in my opinion.


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Very good news that, most important person at the club right now.

Really liked Edu's recent interview too, we have people who really care about the club in key positions again and I love it!

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