Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

Should Mikel Be Criticised For Giving Willian £200k a week?

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I voted 3 as I feel we've really regressed even further this season. I wasn't convinced by Arteta after the way we finished the league campaign last season after lockdown but after we won the cup I'd have easily gave him a 9 or 10 vote as I really thought we'd build on that and challenge for top 4 this season. Of course I'd gladly eat my words and have him back up at 9/10 if he can deliver us the Europa League to end the season.

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The position is bad. It's bad being 11th but we have to ask questions if Arteta can improve as a manager and the team because he is here to stay.

We are defending better, we are passing out from the back better and beating the press better. It is a decent foundation moving forward.

We have Partey yet to show his best with us. Tierney is fully adapted and doing well. Saka and ESR are still very young and learning, they will improve. Saka is now contributing a lot better in goals and assists.

I just wish Arteta would stop being such a sucker for losers like Luiz, Willian, Cedric, etc... We need better players in these positions!


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He's really hanging on by a thread right now. He can redeem himself at his point, but he has it all to do. Another streak of losses and it's certainly over for him. It'd already be over for him if fans were at the stadium (they turn on Arteta, team turns on Arteta). People say COVID made his job harder, I don't think he'd have the job right now if it wasn't for COVID.


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^that said, I put my faith in him at a 7 right now.... Mostly blind optimism and hope for the club to do better. Also, he does know football and his tactics at least have us creating chances and defending OK now.


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If Arteta does turn it around in the next 12 months or so there's going to be some fairly major back tracking going on around here I think :lol:

In my case I’m mainly collecting observations. There is nothing stopping Arteta from growing and ironing out any weaknesses over time. My main concern is Arteta with big transfer budgets vs. Arteta with small transfer budgets. The latter happens if we don’t get into EL next season. These concerns come from Arteta’s utilisation of the squad he has to work with. You can sideline assets more easily if you are managing City or United, sell those sidelined on the cheap, and spend big with replacements. Not so much under certain other circumstances.

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If only things could improve in 25 minutes like dropping .35g of molly!

Good times. Those purple-brown crystals are something else!

Might put it on my schedule when the bars are open to 04:00 again here in Iceland. I want to finish my young days strongly!

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I never understand this sort of thinking. If he does then great, but it doesn’t change how poor he or we have been this season.

It's like losing 11 league game is not something to be held accountable to, I don't understand this kind of thinking at all.

Bar a couple of people here, everyone wants him to do well, it's just that he lost a lot of people's faith with the way we've played this season. This is our worst campaign in years and we might end outside of Europe and people will still find a way to defend and excuse it.

Didn't see this level of stannery when Emery rightfully got the sack.


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Good times. Those purple-brown crystals are something else!

Might put it on my schedule when the bars are open to 04:00 again here in Iceland. I want to finish my young days strongly!
Purple brown? Interesting... I’ve had a fist sized brown cluster in my possession before, but no purple in it. Easily the worst tasting thing on this planet I reckon.

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