Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

On a scale from 1-10 (the most), how much faith do you have in Arteta?

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One Arsène Wenger
Fantastic performance, was the much better team the whole game.. With a weakened team and that early goal against I expected heads to drop and a boring comfortable Leicester win tbh, really happy about how we performed after that. Most positive I've been about Arsenal this season.

Red London

Anti-Simp Culture
Well I don't think whether people like or hate Arteta personally has got anything to do with this. Certainly not for me anyway.

For me it's simple, the club has invested the 5th most money in this squad and therefore that should be the yard stick. Top 4 and you're over performing like Arsène. 5th and you're doing OK like Unai, and I fully backed him in his first year. 8th and then 11th (currently) and something is very wrong.

If people want to stick with him to see if he comes good eventually, that's fine too. But anybody suggesting that either the current football, his past decisions or his position in the league is anything other than abysmal for this great club, is ridiculous.
Yes that’s essentially what I said. It’s not been good enough this season but some people think he should still stay on as he’s a young manager learning on the job. There seems to be a hive mind on here sometimes, people getting touchy about reasonable things like just a bit of patience.


Has Resources In North London
Waiting for the Arteta haters

Pretty much.


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Good application from the senior players. Today they met the manager half way. They dug deep and got something out of their own games. Since Chelsea it has been very clear Arteta moved a corner with the way we play and the use of a CAM. Yes we had some teething issues and VAR and Red card woes. However the footballing critical eye without the emotive tendencies would see what the manager is doing.

Today the senior players had to just meet him half way and show they can deliver when called up and not make us rely on 19 and 20 year old Saka and ESR. Today Willian , Pepe , Xhaka etc raised their games. The confidence and control of the game was very mature.

We went in for a rookie Manager who loves the club. He made his mistakes but he is no mug. He won the FA Cup and went through a tough early start with us and we dipped very terribly. However he is turning the team around , the players are finally coming through for themselves and for us. It’s time we get behind him especially and remain constructive with the analysis and criticism. He will make mistakes of course but we see where he is heading.

Tir Na Nog

Changes Opinion Every 5 Minutes
Benfica? Why not Chelsea? Despite the wolves and villa results, you could see we were playing better.

I mean in terms of it was a game where we fell behind and had to show character to get the result. Once we fell behind Vs Wolves and Villa we couldn't get anything from the game. Today we once again showed the character to come back and win.

People complain about how tough the Benfica game was however having to dig deep could turn out to be a blessing for the team.


Not a Closet Sp**s Fan
If we get top 7 and latter stages of the EL that’s enough for me to see him back next year.

Next year though we’ve got to be going for top 4. Can’t have another year of this.
If we get past Olympiakos chances are we might face one of Sp*rs or United/Milan. Can't see too many more threats in the EL. Maybe Senor Unai.


Has Resources In North London
Credit where credit is due, he picked the right team today and it seems Arteta learned from last time.

Arteta didn't get duped like last time, I will put the opening goal down to rusty personnel. All eggs in Europa basket makes sense anyways.
Should've been a draw last time. Don't forget the good goal that was disallowed.


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Another coaching masterclass, give him some ****ing money in the summer and we’re golden. Better coach than Rodgers that’s for sure.

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