Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

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Tir Na Nog

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Superb team selection from Mikel, credit where it's due. Great man management to reward Willian with a start today!

Blood on the Tracks

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I'm not sure Arteta needs to say some of these things in public, but I appreciate the honestly.

Seeing him have a backbone and take on subversive elements of the squad generally is something I can really get behind though. It's been a long time coming.

Özil, Mustafi, Kola, Out. Telling Guendouzi he's played his last game for the club, I love this sort of stuff.

If you've got a bad attitude, disrespect the club, aren't committed etc Don't let the door him you on the way out. We don't need you, irrespective of how much talent you have.

Most of the current squad seem fairly decent characters to be fair, if a bit soft, but it's been like the inmates running the asylum for a long while before Arteta arrived. In hindsight I think that was largely Emery's downfall, he was just too weak, or at least wasn't supported by the club to take some of the players on.

Arteta hammering home the point about 'Non-negotiables' in his first press conference makes me think he knew what the issue was.


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Another 95 mins of my life I'll never get back.
Thanks Arteta.

Worst is, this result was not even a surprise. Yet you get a sizeable chunk of the fanbase who still back this man.

Tree Points

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Sean Dyche has now taken 4 points from Arteta in the space of a few months.

How are Mikel and Ole still managing our teams? Frauds the pair of them.

juice man

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We are going to finish 10th aren't we?
Of course. That was always going to happen after the abysmal run where Arteta should have been fired. This season is a throw away. Its all about trying to build on the positives for next season, and I'm not sure there's enough here to build on.

Pop Tart

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Waiting for the match to end like some ****ing vultures. Should have scored four goals and didn't get a stonewall penalty.

But let's blame Arteta!
Arteta cannot coach the mistakes out of this lot and keeps picking the ones who let us down the most.


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I can't blame him for the rotation, we all know the league is done anyway so why not. Sucks the Chambers experiment failed, but needed to be tried at some point.

But having the entire strikeforce on form and still not outplaying a tired, overexerted Burnley? That's peak Artetaball right there.