Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

Do you think that Arsenal should continue with Arteta for the next season 2021-22?

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If I was a footballer then the first thing I’d do is bag Jorja Smith.



All these if’s with Arteta are such a common theme.

Good taste there. Jorja Smith is gorgeous personified.


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People just looking at his stats. I watched every Chelsea game after lockdown, guy was a cross merchant and taking penalties, little else.
I remember being very well aware of this but kind of forcing myself to ignore it and just focusing on his numbers and how he’d help the team. Lesson learnt for sure.

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Should've kept the same lineup, gotten the goals and continuity and subbed people off.

Not reaaaally blaming him for Laca, but Elneny-Ceballos is just the stuff of nightmares.

Nothing to celebrate today. Fullham are comically bad and we should've won this.


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If we were owned by the corrupt Russian oligarch; Arteta would be sacked even if he wins the Europa. Didn't Sarri finish in the top 4 that season? I don't think Chelsea were tenth at the very least

But, we are owned by Stan so I fully expect a statute to be outside of the Emirates come May once we pick up the EL.

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99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One
BTW what has our average league position has been? Think we've set at 10th for most of the season?

Feels like we've never went above 7th after a few weeks went by.

Could be wrong, tho.


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Mane and Salah both played over 3000 PL minutes 2019, but Miky feels that he needs to rest Pepe and Partey, when neither reached even half of the available PL minutes, and the next game is in 5 days

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