Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

Do you think that Arsenal should continue with Arteta for the next season?

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Looks as if this will be another weekend Arteta can’t get any points. Starting to be a theme with him.


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That makes sense...against the likes of Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United, the amount of times we messed up great positions was infuriating.

I imagine that stat is padded a bit from the Chelsea match, when we were down to ten men for an hour.

Also Burnley did miss that sitter against us, but Auba and Laca should have both scored in that game too...stat looks a little dodgy to me tbh.


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Shocking stuff ffs, saw this post by accident. At least tag me if you’re going to insult me like this you ****.

Calls you a coward online? I really don’t understand. Is it because you don’t turn all keyboard warrior and ask for his address so you can show him how tough you are?

You should post a no makeup selfie to show him how brave you are.

Toby Andrl

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Philip Schofield came out as gay after 27 years of marriage, incredibly brave.

Baffling really how it's still so hard to come out this day and age. Very, very, very happy Stuttgart's Hitzlsperger is out since years and he's working his job and there's no homophobic abuse or whatever. Everyone loves him as a club legend, no matter his sexual orientation.

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If Arteta says they are ****e then they are ****e ey? Auba is our top scorer, third top scorer in the league, was 2nd before your boy Arteta turned him to ****e. Özil and Laca were playing well before Arteta came and decided to play keep-ball in our own half to pad the possession stats. And who are we gonna replace them with? Who the **** is gonna join us given our current circumstance?
Did Arteta steal all your candy when you were a kid or something? :lol:

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