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Bielsa only works well with lesser players because they’re willing to run and run in training as well as every game. Try that here with our over paid wankers and he’ll walk after a month in charge.

Good point!

I don't think people realize how toxic this group of players really is.

It's one of my main issues with Arteta atm. He came here in, all words about changing the culture. This toxic culture. But in the end, it's like Arteta gave in and just encourage it.

I wanted him to jump at the chance when we had it to sell Xhaka. Auba should not have a new contract. Should have been moved on also. Laca must not get a new contract or Elneny. Getting rid of Kolasinac, Özil and Mustafi is a start, but that's probably only 10% of the job done. :lol:

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So 10th is our true level?

No one is saying we should be challenging for top four ffs. At least we should be in the top six. The teams ahead of us in the table, most of us won't even want their players here ffs.

How many West Ham players are good enough to start here or even Leicester but their manager has them playing above their true level. A good manager should make a team better than the sum of it's part. We've seen Poch do it. Klopp did it with pool. Howe did it with a team filled with championship Journeymen.

There's no mental gymnastics that can convince me this squad isn't a top 6 team.
A lot of West Ham players are good enough to start for us.


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XG is saying it's a 1 in 2 chance. It's a one on one with an open goal ffs. Stop trying to impress people with your horse **** theories. Use your eyes and not computers.
Impress people? Theory?

A reputable company has analysed every shot taken from that position in those circumstances and have seen that it results in a goal 1 in 2 times.So what exactly are you arguing with? History? Are you saying they’re lying?

Post on A-M with your eyes instead of a computer then you miserable ****.


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So that's 4 players in an 11 man team. Thats a sizeable amount of players.
Is a manager supposed to have a team consisting of 100% only players he's bought?

How many of the City squad that won the domestic treble and set a PL points record were bought under a manager other the Pep?

How many of the Liverpool squad that won a CL and PL were bought under a manager other the Klopp?

The examples are literally endless.....

This idea that we can only judge Arteta fairly until the entire squad consists entirely of only his signings is bizarre and unprecedented.


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The idea that we can only judge Arteta fairly until the entire squad consists entirely of only his signings is bizarre and unprecedented.
And if the signings are going to be of the calibre of Willian, Cedric, Mari and Ceballos are we really sure we want Arteta to get a team consisting of only his signings?


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100% there are things I believe Arteta can do better. The main one being playing what he perceives to be his best 11. But the players haven't been good enough under Wenger or Emery and now Arteta. Massive issue is poor recruitment and wasted money. The polar opposite in that regard is Leicester. Fantastic recruitment and now they've a fantastic manager extracting the maximum from those players.
Most of the squad and team is now an Arteta/Edu recruited through transfers, extensions and loans. Why are we 10th all season? It’s not because of Auba who Wenger left behind. Or Laca, a squaddy, probably the best squad striker in the league.

You’re accurate when you say the club has wasted money, record amounts have been wasted since Wenger left, 300-400M.


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If we don’t win the EL, you’ll have to say we’ve gone backwards as we’re probably finishing 10-12th after spending ALL season there, and recruiting 3/4 older poor players on long contracts without improving Martinelli, Saliba, Guendouzi etc.

We were more closer to top 4 when we sacked Emery.

Finishing top 6 would’ve been decent this season, and it’s a weak season too, we aren’t asking for a lot. But we’ve gone backwards to even last season.

I thought we would get a style of play, improve some young players, get top 6 etc, that’s development, and then sign some players in the summer and push for top 4 next season.

But that’s all gone up in the air.


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How can you keep making excuses for this? We’re not asking for CL place or a title.

We just want to see some improvement and it’s not happened this season, it’s actually gone backwards.

Ole is second, David Moyes who took over West Ham the same time Arteta came here is 4th. We’ve conceded 3/4 less than Brighton but apparently we have a great defence.

The standards are rock bottom and people ares making excuses. This Arsenal squad should not be 12th all season. That’s on the manager and DoF.


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What happens when the team has been out of form for 4 or 5 seasons under 3 different managers, 2 of whom broke spending records? That to me says recruitment and players have been the problem the managers have been the ones picking up the pieces.
The team was finishing 4-6th under those 2 managers. It’s an insult to them to include Arteta as the 3rd manager.

This squad isn’t top 4 quality, Arsène and Emery managed to make the squad play to about their level. Arteta (and Emery once he lost the dressing room) are the ones having us on course for 10th.


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Torreira, Guendouzi, Martinelli, Saliba, Pepe, Tierney and Gabriel are all the signings since Wenger left that I'd describe as the right age and profile. Obviously Torreira flopped badly but for me it's worrying that only one of those has been signed under the Edu/Arteta partnership and only Tierney/Gabriel you could class as regulars. Especially when you consider Arteta was supposedly tasked with a rebuild of the club.

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Players and managers can both be an issue, I don't know why it's framed as an either or debate on here.
We don’t need to overrate our players to justify Arteta’s tactics has problems. We all know that there are flaws in his tactics. But there players are equally shxt at the same time.

We went from having a team of Van Persie, Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin.....to just left with Sanchez and Cazorla, and then now, with no one good enough. Auba and Laca has been fxxking jokes, anyone who has watched football for more than two seconds knew they were shxt.

Was over the moon when we finally get rid of shxt like walcott, ramsey, giroud, chamberlain....but we get in limited players like Özil, Auba and Laca, who are only good at making the final pass/final finish but doing nothing for the whole match.

People who thought they were good strikers/players are fools, they are levels and levels below Benzema, Suarez, Firmino......

Anyway, I’m glad these type of players will all be gone in the near future. I have been waiting for years.


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