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Mikel Arteta: Miktoria Concordia Crexit


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We’ll finish 5th or 6th, we’re just too good not to, and others are crap. That keeps Arteta in, and he’ll target a starting CM and striker next summer.

I think our next 12 months are written in front of us, the above is 100% the route/plan.


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Really surprised Arteta didn’t bring him on and try to hit them on the break in the second half.
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Does that sound like Mikel to you?


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I go back and forth on this issue, honestly.

I've always tended to be a ESR-Ode-Saka guy because I just love the balance and the potential for interplay and generally feel that behind a 30 goal striker like Auba it's okay if you trade a little bit of end product for more creativity, combination, fluidity, and also control (which in theory having an interior attacking midfielder on the left should give, as well as a winger that could almost be classified this way facing the play on the right in Saka).

A comment from a poster I really like in @AW49 along similar lines as yours about how there just might not be enough goals in that team, Pepe's run towards the end of last season, and ESR's play (in reality against lower blocks he doesn't seem to boost our creativity / fluidity that much more than Pepe, and most of all I don't see that he affects our ability to control matches that much; for being an interior attacking midfielder he drops into possession to give us an extra man in possession and combine and allow overlaps much less than you would expect, he disappears and plays like a typical winger a bit too much for my liking) had me changing my tune at the end of last season and at the very beginning of this.

Now I think I'm reverting back to my original position. In big part because I think Saka just has to be on the right facing the play. And because whether ESR is doing the things I want to do in that position more or less than I like that is Arteta's job to make him do so and work on him in that position, and I think our potential as a team is just higher that way.

In the end Pepe has come good more or less but I think the death of him is that Saka is just a bit better in that RW position. Depending on how well ESR and Martinelli come on this season (hard to see how Martinelli really comes on, unfortunately, without European football there just aren't minutes for that kind of emergence to happen) something to continue raising our level as a club would potentially be selling Pepe and making an offer for Sterling at LW. Buendía or Joao Felix are a couple others that might be upgrades on ESR on the left and be more like for like with him. The dream would be Gnabry long-term, maybe after he wins another CL with Bayern and gets into his later 20s and wants a new challenge.
Even I have to admit that Saka with end product is twice the player of Pepe. Sunday was our best lineup and gave us a very fluid three behind Auba (even though I agree that Pepe isn’t far behind ESR/Saka in this regard these days and I roll my eyes everytime I see a “he can’t even pass a ball” type post) if that lineup can consistently score goals then it probably spells the end of Pepe’s time at Arsenal as that’s the only edge he holds over them and Arteta doesn’t seem interested in utilising his strengths.

Ultimately I don’t mind as long as
Mikel is fair and actually plays them based on form and results. He could have played Pepe against Wimbledon and let him build some confidence if was going to bench him for the NLD. We’re going to need everyone firing, especially the senior guys for when the young players’ form dips or need a rest. Having said all of that I’m sure Pepe would have scored on Sunday, the way we played yesterday is basically how Lille played when he was seen as the best player in France not called Mbappe (Neymar was injured at the time).

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