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Mikel Arteta: Miktoria Concordia Crexit

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Based on our squad we really should be finishing 5th and if United have a bad season even push for top 4. I think he's being too kind if he's talking about fighting for the title, I think he knows deep down it'll be them and Liverpool provided AFCON doesn't hurt Liverpool too much.


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He just put his buddy in a coffin by setting expectations.



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Well if we can beat Leicester it will mean we’re actually in a top 4 race and the games will mean something and I’ll actually start celebrating our goals again.

What typically happens is that whenever it looks like we’re about to have something to play for we go and drop points. I always sound like a hater when I say stuff like Sp**s set up poorly ot Villa set up poorly…but I feel like they did judging by how both teams tweaked things and went on to win/draw the second half.

If we can win decently against a top half team that hasn’t sabotaged themselves then I’ll start to have some hope.


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Honestly wtf? Why is he even talking about us 🤣

I bet in our next game against them he’s going to rotate like hell, that’s the funny thing.

I’m more interested to know who the scapegoat will be after missing our only half chance of the game in the first few mins.


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If we can win decently against a top half team that hasn’t sabotaged themselves then I’ll start to have some hope.

Nah, you will always find a way to reason it, as the other team playing poorly rather than us playing well...followed by a few digs at at younger players.

You have honed your game to elite levels at this point...I don't agree with you, but it is admittedly great to watch!


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Very happy in Marseille, Mattéo Guendouzi wants to last at OM. Its purchase option of about €11m will be lifted automatically at the end of the season. He will then be linked to the club until 2025.

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