Mikel Arteta: Serial Trophy Winning MANAGER

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by OnlyOne, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Meme Merchant

    Didn't take long for Özil b*m boys to start attacking Arteta I see.
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  2. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Oh I think Arteta will be clear once the TW closes. It’s no coincidence that all the players that are linked for a move away/are unwanted are not playing right now. Exception is Kola, and that was only because of Tierney’s injury.
  3. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Established Member

    If Arteta can coach this lot to not concede goals right before half-time they'd probably, like, win the league or something?

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  4. El Granit-Coq

    El Granit-Coq Well-Known Member

    Özil played well under Arteta... Im not sure what playing much better without Özil means when we actually didn't play much worse. He hasn't featured in a while so it would be difficult to tell how we would play if he starts.
  5. scytheavatar

    scytheavatar Well-Known Member

    Playing much better without Özil = looking more solid defensively.

    And Özil played meh under Arteta, he had done nothing that can make people say he's irreplaceable and it is outrageous for him to be dropped. Elneny has done better in 2 games under Arteta than Özil had in many more.
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  6. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

  7. EmeryCouldnt

    EmeryCouldnt Well-Known Member

    TBF, I think Luiz was an upgrade on what we had. Albeit a slight one.
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  8. Taneruit

    Taneruit Well-Known Member

    I'd say as a defender Luiz wasn't an upgrade/arguably a downgrade on Kolscieny. When it comes to passing out of the back he was a massive upgrade though.
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  9. EmeryCouldnt

    EmeryCouldnt Well-Known Member

    Definite upgrade for passing and defense organizing/leadership. I think he’s better in the air. Better at positioning. They both are prone to rash errors.... David Luiz might be a bit more prone to them.
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  10. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member Trusted

    I’m not mad at Luiz. A bit bemused knowing what we have, but I think cause I knew what we was getting I can deal.

    I would agree he’s a slight upgrade.
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  11. Trofton

    Trofton Active Member

    No grounds? The way Arteta play is pressing from the first minute to the last up as a team back as team. That’s Sunday league stuff. Özil doesn’t press doesn’t track back
    I’m not saying he doesn’t make up for it in quality but Arteta at city worked with KDB, David silva, Bernardo silva, Auguero they all have skill and talent and still press and defend as a team.
    Özil has no excuse he clearly doesn’t want to change his game and for that he doesn’t even get a seat on the bench give it to someone willing to fight for the manager

    Özil and Arteta played together Arteta knows his quality he’s not doubting that it’s his commitment and for me I’m with the gaffer on this one
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  12. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    What does Luiz being an upgrade mean? Considering what we had was crap? Signing someone who is a little less crap than what you had before is not the answer.
  13. AbouCuéllar

    AbouCuéllar Well-Known Member

    Luiz seems pretty underrated around here. He was a good signing.
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  14. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    We wouldn't have won the FA Cup if we had Kos instead of Luiz last year...Kos was quality when he had his legs, when he became past it he couldn't compensate for that though, Big Dave can as he is more of a natural leader.
  15. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    I don’t care about Kos. We had Luiz last season who was poor until June/July? How is that acceptable?
  16. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    It was a poor season last year, and even as a fan of Luiz I can't say he was overly good that season...but it was a crazy season in many ways, sometimes that happens...he is clearly well liked by the players and he did have some very good games last year.

    Lets see how this year goes for him, since the team seems on the right track for the first time in a good few years.
  17. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    “He’s well liked”.

    You only hear that about crap players. Nobody ever says it about guys who are top performers.
  18. kash2

    kash2 Obsessed With Jury

    yup like lichsteiner was gonna help bellerin develop.
  19. EmeryCouldnt

    EmeryCouldnt Well-Known Member

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that we didn’t need to upgrade from the defense we had last year. Hopefully the upgrades me made this year will be good for this season. Of course, we will likely still need to upgrade atleast 1 defender next summer. That’s the cycle and it seems we are cycling in the right direction.

    David Luiz isn’t the best. But I do feel he is giving his best.
  20. Smail

    Smail Active Member

    Remeber 2 years ago when out of nothing everyone began hyping up Nagelsmann of Leipzig. Without ever watching a game I already thought highly of him, just by listening and reading comments. You can get a really good reputation very quickly. The same thing is happening with Arteta, we as Arsenal fans may not notice it, but the whole of Europe do already know that something special is happening and everyone is talking positive about Mikel. Long may this continue

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