Do you think that Arsenal should continue with Arteta during the 2021-22 season?

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  • No

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We can judge him on contracts and sales though and those have been a disaster.

Bug summer for him with Eddie, Laca and Guendo all having one year left on their contracts.

Contracts and sales?

99% of football clubs are broke due to Covid. Even perennial sellers like Chelsea haven't shifted any players of note since Covid hit.

As for contracts I agree that there have been a couple of dubious decisions but on the other hand ESR, Saka and Balogun have all signed new deals which safeguards £100m+ worth of talent so he has done some good work in that area too.


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And if they weren’t going to be a big part of his club he should of let them go.
I would have liked to have thought considering this was allegedly a "rebuilding year" that they'd have all been given plenty opportunities to prove themselves. By doing that we'd have also been driving their values up as we did with AMN who earned a place in the England squad. To then reject bids for him and not play him was crazy.

As you say we'd be lucky to get anything above £5m for someone like Nelson now.

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I feel sorry for him actually, its clear that he is trying and doing his best. Unfortunately his best is simply not good enough.

I like him as a person, he like Emery come across as decent guys. But he will be tied to performances and that is what we supporters will see.

He has to go now though, if he is a success elsewhere (like Emery is showing to be) then Ill certainly be happy for him.


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Need to publicly call out the following. Why are you all Arteta IN? Explain...

Not copying in al-Ustaadh as I already know his stance.
I mostly voted 'Yes' out of principle.

Give the manager two windows and two seasons. He can have no complaints if he is sacked after this season though. In general, I am the Arsenal manager in, unless the players are not playing for the manager. That happened with Emery.

I'd loathe us to become a club that hires and sacks manager nilly willy.


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Yes. These things take time. A new manager with a new plan sees us go backwards even more. Have to wade through the **** for a bit. I’m not happy with failure mind you. But there’s an even bigger picture. All I’ll say on the matter.
"An even bigger picture"


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What are you on about? That's 3 players right there that could've been a big part of the future of this club. Arteta's record with the young players in our squad has been nothing short of shocking.
:lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah, a big part of our future.. Yikes. Arsenal fans really overrate our own players so much they become deluded.

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