Mikel Arteta: Trust The Process (S3 E3)

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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The Solihull Slob
Its not really. And I hope you can figure out why.

Most of the team is not an Arteta Edu team.

I'm not sure that's the case.

Weve spent a **** load and it's been wasted. Our recruitment has been shambolic for as long as I care to remember.

Us falling out of CL gave resources to competitors who never had it before and unlike us they used it to their advantage. And even then they've come up against PL money which has been a great leveller and enabled us to have a CL wage without CL competition.

One follows the other. It sounds like tacit acceptance of @Makingtrax but its not. Like you said we spent 300 to 400m since Wenger left and we've got worse :/ we've hired bad staff a worse manager and worse players.
Arteta extended Holding, Arteta extended Luiz and Cebellos, Arteta sighed Mari because of his City connection.

El Duderino

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Doesn't look like he's lost the dressing room. Good stuff today, we showed up and acted like the better team for once, can't complain when a comfortable performance against this level of opposition is given.

God knows this team has failed to produce even that.


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15/16 players of this current squad are here because of Arteta is the point.
How many starters tonight were brought to the club by Arteta? 2

Probably not the best point because 23 played well. But Arteta hasn't signed many starting players. The starters he has signed have been decent.


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Against lesser sides at least we should be having runners on both LW and RW. Mikel got out of his own way with this one (SHU), not playing Willian or Auba on LW.

I do agree that from kick off the energy showed was inconsistent with any significant loss of the dressing room. The only question is the Mikel - Auba relationship, and it is still a key one because we are more likely to find buyers for Laca than Auba this summer. I do think Auba has merited some tougher treatment after kid gloves for so long this season did not really work, but he can really kick up a stink if he wants to, and I hope he doesn’t.

El Duderino

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Having said that, we still would've won without Saka, I feel.

Having runners ahead of Lacazette and him closer to the penalty box seems as obvious as having technical players around Aubameyang.

Some answers have been starring Mikel in the face and he just seems too stubborn to listen and he needs to improve this aspect of his management.

He can't be bailed out by having the best squad in the league like City and Pep do.


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6 of that line up was extended or signed by Arteta. Extension makes that his players.
Extensions mean little as its more expensive to sign a player than it is to keep a player.

This is why I support Arteta. The out and out players (Gabriel and Partey) have been good. Willian was a free transfer punt. I trust him when it comes to big outlay which is a change from wasteful outlay over the years.

El Duderino

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Great performance against a Championship-quality team.

Very well taken goals and lots of very good individual performances. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Being 9th in mid-April is a terrible positon to look at.

Yeah, basically. Won't mean much if we fail on thursday or if we can't get a good run going before the league's over.


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Arsenal is still very very slow in the transitions and very rigid positionally. Is that the football you want to see at Arsenal? Because this is the football that Arteta will always show, is not going to chance when Arsenal will hire new players. Arsenal already had the best players today, in all lines almost, and it was still a horrible experience.

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Wanted to see Azeez get a debut at 0-2.

Feels like Arteta is going a bit extreme with not developing youth at this club. Feels like he is going full Pep at this but the difference is that Pep has way better seniors and he can always spend money and doesn't really have to develop players if he doesn't want to.