Mikel Arteta: Trust The Process (S3 E3)

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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Wish we could just go back, and let Arsène still be manager for as long as he wanted, tbh.

Really miss him.
The guy had planes and banners flying over his head when he was trying to work :lol:

Him leaving had to happen, if anything I wonder if he would have turned it around with an empty stadium and an army of journalists wiping his batty after every hiccup.

El Granit-Coq

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If Ek buys us, I want him to give Wenger another 3 years to finally win the CL he d deserves.
Youd have to hate Wenger to wish him back into this mess.

Guy is glowing and getting so much respect wherever he goes now. People looking to him to save football.

You really want him to be shouted at by some middle aged man babies? (DT)


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The thing about football managers is that it's not a real job. They get paid an absurd amount of money, if the results are good they get to carry on, if the results are bad they get sacked. That's the deal. It's no biggie. It's not like sacking Sue from accounting. Arteta's rich, he'll be fine, f*cking sack him already.
That's all managers.

You eventually learn to appreciate what they actually bring to the table.


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Well, I take the L here, this was shocking from Basque Dog and he deserves sacking for it.

I do think people were over the top in their criticism in recent weeks but with a two leg performance like that against a team we are superior to, and a manager he should absolutely be superior to, he can't be defended against any of it.

The sad part is we were beaten tactically as well. It wasn't even bad luck or undeserved. Today the performance was bleak. If you didn't know who the managers were over the course of the two legs you would certainly say the better is Em*ry. As it is they are both ****, Em*ry doing typically poor work in the league, but getting the better of a manager whose current level you have to say is quite poor based on the viewing over the two legs.

I do think he'll become a good manager at some point, with a more talented and experienced squad like Barça's, for example, I think he would do good work and be a good hire (someone I could see Laporta going for, too, given how much stock he puts in Pep's opinion, "Barça DNA," and how willing he is to take a risk on someone like that), but here he is learning on the job and simply not doing a good enough job meanwhile. There's no excuse, and a relatively promising run in performance level since ESR's inclusion does not make up for being beaten like that in Europa, leaving us out of European competition thanks to his and Edu's summer miscalculations and the team's dire performance in the first 14 games. And even then, it's not as if the last 19 have been overwhelmingly positive--if they were combined with a European cup win you could say it was a success of a season and reason for big promise, but they are not, they are combined with a loss to a mediocre opponent and a very **** manager, having a superior squad.

It's Arsenal football club and while I think some day he might become a good manager there's no reason for us to find that out while he's on the job--he should be sacked and Marcelo Gallardo, Potter, and Marco Rose would be my choices, probably in that order (especially like the first two, Marco Rose looks relatively interesting too).

The reality is the club is not being sold and Arteta won't be sacked. We're stuck with him and a European football-less season next. I think he will probably have success in the league with a week to prepare for opponents next season, but I don't think there's any reason to believe he would do better than a Gallardo or a Potter. And nothing short of qualifying for CL through the league will suffice next season, which is a high bar given United and Chelsea's talent advantage on us.

In short, a very sad day, a really, really disappointing managerial job today and this season all said from Arteta, and I'm extremely disappointed in him. He cannot be defended nor should he be.

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I'm not sure what's worse. Losing tonight or @Makingtrax saying his entertainment was watching us getting battered in big matches and not making it past the last 16 of the CL.

Absolute embarrassment on all levels.
Yeah mate, playing beautiful football, being an attractive club and being in Europe for 22 years on universal credit was surely worse than the dross we see now.

Can see why people want you to mute yourself


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And that would be get another mistake. We're just going to be left behind even more wasting time and resources on this guy. They should sack him tomorrow, get an interim in as there is nothing to play for.

Probably, but I think it's what will happen.

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Don't know when you got this job but congrats. Forget Arsenal and build that career.

Thank you! Yeah they were hiring 3 and I was last in. Almost month after the number 2. I have no idea what took so long but I nailed the second interview I got. Told them they were not a win for me. Im a win for them.

Working as downstream process development scientist entry level. Going to learn to prepare buffer solutions tomorrow like Im back to first year in Chemistry. But apparently you need to relearn most of the lab work but Im up for it! Exciting stuff!


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Yeah mate, playing beautiful football and being an attractive club

It's all subjective. At the time playing beautiful football for so many years but not actually getting anywhere became frustrating and ultimately unacceptable.

Right now is also unacceptable but it doesn't make what happened before it less unacceptable.

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Curious about how the media and the Arsenal blogosphere gonna react after this huge fiasco of a season. They were pushing for Arteta so hard and talking very highly of him even though nothing backed it up yet.

Are they gonna give up on their Golden boy?

Seeing a lot of cracks tonight. Can't forget that a lot of them are fans first.

It will be fun finding out who's their source, Arteta or Edu, going by who takes the blunt of our failure.

Hopefully both are out.


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Mikel has to go. Credit to him for sticking to his principles and get the non-performing Özil out. But his current capability is of assistant manager at best, especially at a club with high expectation and in competitive league. Aftercall, he got his man Partey and the way he wants to run his team. He delivers nothing except the the FA Cup winner last season and community shield.

Edu has to go too. Although he gets Martinelli, but his error with Saliba is inexcusable. In normal corporate environment, he would have been sacked. Vinai has to go too given the fiasco PR which get the club being involved in the ESL. Vinai is just a puppet of KSE, which deserves all the sticks except not mortgaging on the club to their own benefits. I would like to blame the scouting department but, wait, the club has NO scouts now as Per is on watching YT for trainspotting talents! F***, this is as bad as the trend could get.

Reading Keown and Freddies's reaction is really sad. The whole club is at very bad state, from the top to the sporting level.

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