Mikel Arteta: Trust The Process (S3 E3)

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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Never wanted Arteta, hes ****, we all know that but at the same time the players have to take a lot of blame here also;

How do you go a whole half or even close to an entire game with no urgency to score 1 goal when thats all you need?

Clubs a lot worse than ours can put even the best of sides under pressure in games like this, yet Villarreal never looked uncomfortable, these games usually have the team in Villarreal's position literally hanging on, defenders making huge blocks, diving infront of everything, multiple players getting cramp from the intense pressure they're under.. but there was none of that!

You see it all the time, the team needing 1 goal, no matter who it is would automatically turn up the heat and bombard the opposition, even the ****test of clubs can manage it, **** we've even done it before but its only in spells to get us through ie Slavia when we needed a goal, but its never that sustained tense pressure other clubs turn it up to.

The ONLY player who looked anything like I described was Martinelli, he came on and played intense, on the edge and with direct purpose to attack.

Arteta needs to go, but the players we have have massive problems with desire and will to win.

Lacazette and Martinelli should have started, they are the only two players we have who seem to play with some intensity and desire to win (Tierney wasnt fit), Aaron Ramsey would have single handedly pulled us through that game, but that is exactly what I'm talking about; no big game players with high work rates left, we now have a bunch of players who are waiting for someone else to do it.

You dont need a manager having to baby you through 90mins, players need to be able to turn up the pressure themselves.
These are coaching and tactics issue. That’s what Freddie was hinting at in his commentary.


You're wrong, no?
1 player I thought we've missed this season was Douzi, the only player who can pick a forward pass and play with passion.

Everyone else is just happy to chill at this club, there was no intensity or any desire to win this. MO was subbed and he was literally walking out, 20 min to go...

The starting lineup was OK, but at half time you have to make changes if it's not working, you can't wait for the last 20 minutes, it's just not enough time. For me, it was obvious MO was not in the game, that we needed Martinelli and change our FB's for more technical players (Saka and Willian). All the changes were made, but simply too late


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Poll needs changing to "Do you think the club will get rid of Tets?" Yes/No. That's the real question now, think most fans would get rid before the end of the season so the new manager has the whole pre-season and window to get something done but the real question is, will the club get rid of their project?

Personally, I don't think they will, he'll get another window and we will probably waste half of next season before the plug is pulled.

I'd love to be proved wrong and he stays and kicks on, just can't see it at the moment.


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Recent examples of manager sackings. Sp**s getting rid of Jose a few days before a final and they were better placed in the league than us. Roma sacked their manager during a European semi-final because they hadn’t won in 6 games (Arteta went on a run of 7 without a win but remained in the job). We will keep this *** until the end of the season and then have some sort of **** corporate review and decide to keep him. ****ing sick of it.


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I think if the fans mobilize and get themselves down to the Emirates before every game til the end of the season and protest with their #artetaout banners then he'll be gone come the summer.


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Everyone knows I've been Arteta in. But I just can't get over how bad the home form is. If the crowd was in & it was still like this he'd be out already. How many times this season have we not scored at home?

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What's the ****ing point of sunday anyway?

It'll come full circle, We'll win and win handsomely, this deluded prick will go on about process and we we're amazing, bare in mind it's bog standard west brom, and yet again he'll survive by the skin of his teeth.

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Forget the owners, Edu and the board. Whether he was backed, needs his own players or if the football is good.

If you can’t motivate players in a European semi final then you’re done.
Even worse, he got outsmarted by the same guy who funnily enough, couldn't motivate players for a European final.

Weird stuff.

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