Mikel Arteta: Trust The Process (S3 E3)

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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Big Sam seeing Arsenal creep closer to a relegation battle each season


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I don't want to but I'm disabled and we're still recovering from a pandemic. It's all I've got in terms of a vague communal feeling at the moment, which is massively disheartening in and of itself. Guess I could watch city cos I do like Foden, even if I find the club contemptable.
Keep yourself safe and well mate and hopefully someone will find a way to make us watchable and competitive again. Communal misery helps us all :lol:


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Everyone knows I've been Arteta in. But I just can't get over how bad the home form is. If the crowd was in & it was still like this he'd be out already. How many times this season have we not scored at home?

10 home games without scoring, another record for Arteta. Seriously, he has broken so many of the “records you don’t want to be associated with as a manager” this season that it’s amazing he’s still in the job at this point. When he’s finally gone and we have a bad patch 5-10 years down the line it will be his name you see at the top of the list when they show all the bad stats.


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Needs to be gone now. Should be an announcement at 9am this morning and someone like Per or whoever can take the team the last few games.

Need the new manager in on the 1st of June and get going. No dragging heels. No ****ing about.

Out to ****!!!!


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Arteta has no ideas, he stands for nothing beyond his own ego. He has constructed a myth around his own competence based on the fact he slept with tactical drawings on his bedroom wall. Yesterday, seems that myth came into contact with reality.



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If we fired Arteta tomorrow who even hires his successor?

We don’t even have Raul or Ivan anymore ffs. Edu will get won over by some charlatan mate of Kia’s like Fonseca or Marco Silva.
Yeah because Ivan and Raul did such a great job when they hired Emery and Arteta respectively...

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