Mikel Arteta: Trust The Process (S3 E3)

What does Mikel need to do to keep his job in your opinion?

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What is that supposed to mean? The supporters attend the games without complaining, the fans whine on AM?
Basically he's saying supporters are sheep and do whatever the club asks of them. While fans are those who criticize and complain.

Well i'd rather be a fan than to constantly give away my money in the name of support for something I don't particularly enjoy supporting.

When was the last time Arsenal made you feel good? I can't remember but it damn sure hasn't happened while he's in charge. -___-

@American_Gooner He's such an arrogant ass isn't he.

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Nothing but results will save him.

These shots though, show that the pressure is getting to him, show that he is not as secure as the club wants us to think.


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Say what you will but the man doesn't halftalk ****.

The manure pours out freely as if he's an incontinent bovine.

That's not manure, he knows exactly what he's saying.
Translation: " If you criticise me and the way we play you are not a true Arsenal fan and you are plastic (what he calls fan), if you back me then you are a true Gooner, and exemplify all a Gooner must be (what he calls supporters.)

That's not waffling, that's classic dog whistle statement . Its right out of the Bush/Trump playbook (if you're a with us you're a true American, if you're against us then you're a snake).


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Funny how AM has been battering Arteta for about a year now, but Mikel only fires back when Hairspray is gone, so not to catch him in the crossfire.

Least Arteta is as loyal to him, as Spray is to Mikel...he will appreciate that, wherever he is.


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Wonder how long Arteta spent on defining the difference between a fan and a supporter?

I reckon he delegated all training this week to Steve Round, so he could come up with that little speech before that press conference.
If that's true then maybe we have a little chance to win against Sp**s.


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So i hope this clears, the discussion we had before, completely up.
Arteta said the league is in a different league, planet than before. Much harder and more quality.

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It is the job of our manager to take us back to being one of the best teams in England, and for him to do that he needs to outperform multiple "legend of the game".............. comparing Arteta to Wenger is already being soft to him cause we absolutely should be comparing him to Pep and Klopp instead. That's the level that Arteta has to beat to remain being our manager. And it is unclear to me why standards should be dropped for Arteta because he is a "rookie manager", if Arteta needs a kindergarten to learn to be a manager he should be coaching our U23 instead.
I dont think its realistic to compare him with 2 of the greatest managers in the game who both have European & premier league titles to their name.
I would have loved Klopp or Pep here it didnt happen.
You think the very top managers simply grow on trees & are just plucked out of thin air.
Maybe Liverpool/Man C etc should have got one 25 years or so ago, It would sure have saved a lot of faffing about for them 🤔.

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