**Mod Announcement: UPDATED: ITK's Okay Unless Banned**

How would you like ITKs to be dealt with?

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Hale End FC

Based on your votes, the ITK policy for the summer (and potentially onward) is this:

ITK's will be allowed unless they are deemed to be bullshitters in the "Twitter ITK Banning Thread". Any of you can make a case for why certain ITKs shouldn't be allowed, and us mods will decide if we agree. The list of banned ITKs will be updated on the first page of the TITKBT thread.



say yes

Not Trusted
Option 3 looking like the clear winner.

Even more so when you consider that itā€™s the compromise position (and thus ostensible second choice) for all the voters who voted for option 1 or 2.

Transfer forum might actually be tolerable for a summer. Lovely stuff.


Does Not Hate Foreigners
turns out not one of them had a scooby do about what was happening during the recruitment process, except Orny who had the right idea about the thoroughness of the elimation rounds

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