Mohamed Elneny: Pyramid Pirlo

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Yet another great goal.
Perfect squad player. Looks like everyone in the squad loves him.

And look at how he's comfortable playing from the back. He received exact same pass as ceballos did from Leno. But instead of ****ing it up like Dani or xhaka he just quickly makes a one touch pass. Not saying he should start over xhaka but still much better than ceballos who was shocking right from his first touch.


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Put it simple for you he useful squad player but he shouldn't start at all specially in games against deep block he very useful when you want to protect the lead and keep things simple . Very good goal today.


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Very underrated squad player.

Works hard, is happy to be a sporadic option, contributes well in build up phases from midfield and times his passes well.

Given our current central midfield options he should start much more in my opinion.


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Gotta love Mo, humble guy. Not the most inspirational or bravest player but he's definitely better than people think - he has absolutely no problems playing out from the back.

It the reason as to why he's racked up the appearances much to our surprise/dismay this season.


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The team really celebrated his goal. More than the other two. Reflection of how popular and well liked he is. Happy to have him medium term as a squad player. Really need a replacement for xhaka and ceballos in the summer.
Not sure if it was because of him or because it meant we now have very little chance of ruining things in the second leg to be honest.

One of those moments if it was another team you would banter them off for celebrating like they won the world cup.


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All this guy does is pass sideways and score bangers. Strange. Anyways I was pissed off to see him warming up when it was 1-1. I thought Arteta was playing for the draw but low-key I think Arteta basically gave up on trusting Xhaka and Cellabos in build up under a press and so went to Elneny. The Egyptian may be our best midfielder in build up after Partey and that's worrying. Very interesting thst Cellabos basically moved up to 10 while Xhaka and Elneny were behind him.

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Fair enough to the guy, shut us all up when we were saying he was going to secure a draw.
Even though he scored a screamer of course he was brought on for defensive solidity.

Hypothetically, if we're 1-0 up and Arteta subs Lacazette off for a defender who then goes on to score he didn't bring on the defender to extend the lead.

I thought both Xhaka and Partey were aweful last match, so I could understand in isolation why Arteta would bring on Elneny. No issues with that.

What I, and possibly others, had issue with was that it seemed only Elneny was coming on in a like for like substition to bring on fresh defensive legs when we were 1-1 against an absolutely dogsh*te side. That would've illustrated Arteta's defensive mindset he has shown throughout the season, not daring a more adventerous substitute of bringing on an attacker.

In the context of the three subs I had no issue with Elneny coming on, but let's be clear he wasn't brought on to make a difference offensively. Also, the subs of the two attackers who came on alongside with him was arguably way too late as we had been terrible for the entire second half and Saka has looked jaded for the last three games now. Arteta had to make those changes much earlier.


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Only a matter of time until @LtArsenal and @EduardoHagn convince the Arsenal fanatics he deserves a new deal. The *** Squad on here will agree with their overlords. :shivering:


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The thing is - he has this in his locker - the long range strike. Just don't know why he doesn't go for it more often. If he starts chipping in with goals, people will accept him in the starting 11 as he can become a match winner. But I don't know why he doesn't have this type of risk more often.


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Wenger coached the long range shooting out of Mo and Xhaka. Both have the ability. I want them both to attempt longer shots when they see the opportunity.

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