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Moises Caicedo

Would you meet the £80m asking price?

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Thing is generally, if you sign a contract for x amount of money for x years you should realise there's a chance you'll have to honour it.

If we say that players shouldn't be overly tied to such stuff, okay, then players and fans shouldn't moan when clubs use players as disposable chess pieces to be flung aside when there's a chance to upgrade.


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I personally don’t think this will happen this late in the window. We should have moved for this player sooner. The news around Partey, and Elneny’s injury should have been enough of a catalyst to move for a midfielder in the summer; but we twiddle our thumbs and done nothing.


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70mill is well overpaying for someone young, little PL experience and no CL experience. I'm all for the board backing transfers but this one we are getting our pants pulled down.

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If it's true they want 80 and we bid 70 then there's only a 10m gal to bridge over the next few days. I think that Haidara might be key here.

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That defender has played 21 games as a DMF in Serie A, and 16 games as a CB. Thiago Motta played him as DMF. But he is a CB of course.

If push comes to shove, there is always possibility to play Trossard or ESR in the LCM position and Xhaka as DMF. Or Zinchenko or White as DMF.

Kiwior can play CB or Cdm


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They already have a replacement lined up, they said it was 75 now it’s 80, these slags are pissin me riiiiiight off.
They’re not selling Caicedo until they sign Haidara, especially since they have injuries in that position as it is.
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