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Most Disappointing Career End


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Which player do think had a disappointing career end after showing so much promise.



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In terms of “peak to trough” I think Hazard is a good shout. Yeah he achieved a lot but the kid could have been balon d’or level. His fall from grace was the furthest.


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The most frustrating turn of a young Arsenal career recently is Guendouzi for me. I absolutely loved him when he started playing for us. And now he is on a year long loan with option to buy for €15m to ****ing Lazio with stops at Hertha and Marseille in-between... 😭 😭 😭


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Wilshere, Ramsey and Eduardo for kind of the same reason.

Fabregas, he really kind of lost his trajectory after he left here. Really wished he was here for his career.


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Not sure how many here would remember him but my personal candidate for this is Dean Ashton. Look at this:

He is literally involved in EVERYTHING in that video, scoring a brilliant goal and setting up Sears for his debut goal. I know his stats don't look amazing but there was a reason he was called up for England, he was an incredible talent at CF, complete player.

Honestly still makes me a bit emotional thinking about him, he was such a top guy as well. Got his ankle fused at 26 and retired because Shaun Wright-Phillips obliterated it in England training ffs. Despite of this he scored an overhead kick in Mark Noble's testimonial and ran circles around everyone with a fused ****ing ankle, unreal.

Some more stuff here for the curious. 1:37 shows how good he was technically despite being a big guy, sublime finish as well:

He could literally do everything and I have no doubt he would've had a top class PL career if not for that injury.


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I understand that injury ending careers count but for most disappointing I think of it being more to do with things that are within the individuals control. Arsenal fans are going to be disappointed with Cesc’s career simply because it didn’t continue at Arsenal, but for medals it wasn’t a bad move ultimately.

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You could have just gone with Sancho

Every chance Sancho goes back to Dortmund and eventually carves out a good career for himself.

That other guy was a wonderkid that scored 17 goals in his debut season at age 18 and ruined his career in English football, international football and lost 2 critical years of development.


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Ronaldinho post-Barca has to be high on the list.

Last elite season was 06-07 at age 26. Scored 1 goal for Brazil after 2007.

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