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Mykhailo Mudryk [Chelsea Bound]

Is Mudryk Thee Stallion disrespecting Shakhtar with his conduct?

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I was so hyped for this transfer.Not anymore. Couldn't care less if this doesnt happen now. Arsenals sucking the enjoyment out of you with all negotiations and ****. It was the same with Jesus. We knew we signed him and they stalled for 3 weeks before announcing him.

How does any of that matter to how much he helps us?

I want him to sign cause he will make us stronger and give a better chance to win titles. Not so I can feel hyped.

A bit entitled to expect a club spending 100 million (money that could change thousands of peoples lives) to do it quickly so you feel hyped.


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When a deal is actually close this is how it’s presented:
Why are Arsenal briefing against foreign reports? It can only mean that they’re trying manage expectations because there’s a real enough possibility that the deal could collapse.
There has always been the possibility of the deal collapsing. I remember raports that Arsenal won't go higher than their estimated value of the player.

If Shakhtar won't budge, I assume Arsenal won't buy the player for 100 million euros. Arsenal basically can't do it for future transfer window negotiations, they need to save face.

A middle ground is expected, with both clubs able to save face. Of course it's possible they put some weird add-ons if Srna really wants to see that 100 million figure.

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What Chelsea trying to do anyway didn't he tell them he want to come here.

Why they trying to be c**ts?


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Is edu walking to Poland? What’s taking so long?
Seriously tho, if they’re willing to pay over the odds for him then let them have him. Not like they’ve got a plan on how to use him like Arteta.
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