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Mykhailo Mudryk [Chelsea Bound]

Is Mudryk Thee Stallion disrespecting Shakhtar with his conduct?

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Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️

Not buying this. I really doubt we would make any signings during the World Cup. Everyone is focused on the games


Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️

Lol dailymail jumped on it now in case there is something in it they can say as we reported 27th of nov

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FFS!! He was priced at 100 Million a fortnight ago. We should strike while the iron is hot :lol:

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Could be 40m + 40m in addons for all we know.

What we do know of course, is that the mirror is a beacon of journalistic virtue and integrity.

Clearly, you're talking about the mirror in "Snow White" because the daily mirror is as wholesome as the Eye of Terror in Warhammer 40K :lol:


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I wouldn't be so hasty in saying this is bs. I mean the latest 'developments' reported by the Miror might be, but I'd be very surprised if we weren't one of the clubs seriously interested in signing him in January. Seeing as our other big targets for that position arent really goers, he will probably be under serious consideration now.

The Yeremy Pino talk has gone very Q.


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The below interview was slightly worrying.. Starter for arsenal slightly preferable to Bench for Madrid.. Can't see him being delighted at bench for arsenal though I guess the manager has to persuade him he could be a starter on merit.


Asked which teams he’s enjoyed and followed this season, Mudryk said: “Napoli, they’re playing really well at the moment with some great players, Bayern, City and Arsenal.

“I check on Arsenal in ‘myscore’ & know when they’re playing I can check on them’.

“I also watch them too. (Arsenal are) a very dynamic side, in general not just in controlling possession but also in scoring goals.”

“From a purely theoretical fantasy perspective if there was the option of being a bench player for Real Madrid or a starter for Arsenal, I’d probably choose Arsenal, but it’s a tough question that involves a lot of factors.

“I would first want to know from the head coach that even if I wasn’t a guaranteed starter, that I’d receive a chance. Essentially I need to hear directly from the manager what he envisages my role to be in his side.

“One surprise for me was how many Arsenal fans followed me. No other club’s fans have interacted as much as them. Telling me that they are waiting for me, saying ‘Come to us’. One of my recent posts has over 500 comments saying that.”

Undoubtedly led down the line towards a preference for Arsenal over Madrid, Vlada then asked: “You won’t be just going by ‘the emblem on the shirt’?

“No,” replied Mudryk.

Vlada: “Does the prospect of playing on the same wing with Zina, playing with another Ukrainian, encourage you too?”

Mudryk: “Yeah, it does.”

Vlada: “Will you be upset if you don’t get a move in the winter?”

Mudryk: “Yes!”


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There is unwritten rules you don’t negotiate transfers in November or December. If we sign someone it will be late Jan
Maybe, but there have never been a football pause in november/december before, so it's not really the same this time.
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