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Mykhailo Mudryk [Chelsea Bound]

Is Mudryk Thee Stallion disrespecting Shakhtar with his conduct?

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We sign this kid, with Eddie, Smith Rowe, Nelson also in the mix? We'll be looking good until Gabby Jesus comes back by March.

This kid and Tammy/Felix/Vlahovic, and someone in midfield? We gonna lead the league till the end.


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We sign this kid, with Eddie, Smith Rowe, Nelson also in the mix? We'll be looking good until Gabby Jesus comes back by March.

This kid and Tammy/Felix/Vlahovic, and someone in midfield? We gonna lead the league till the end.
If we sign him one of esr or Nelson are done here. You not gonna keep bunch of young players and not play then imo


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Can't fault their line of thought also considering Man Utd stupid payment for Antony. Silly Manchester clubs ruining the market for others

The market is insane. Tchouameni and Grealish are 100 million pound players. Man United messed the market up with Antony. How much will Kudus cost now? I'm not surprised they want that much for Mudryk, but they won't get it.
Ornstein: Muddy the January priority, sources think there’s a good chance it happens


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Ornstein saying he's our focus for January and sources say there's a good chance it happens.

Mykhaylo Mudryk

The Premier League paused for six weeks to make room for this winter World Cup with Arsenal top of the table, leaving many keen to discover if the January window will be used to help maintain what is an unexpected title bid.

Arsenal are prepared to do so if an opportunity arises that the club deem right for the long term, with the Kroenke family — their American owners — wanting to back now-sporting director Edu and manager Mikel Arteta.

Their priority target is Shakhtar Donetsk winger Mykhaylo Mudryk and sources with knowledge of the matter think there is a good chance it will happen, though nothing is agreed at present.

Shakhtar have stated their value for the highly-coveted Ukraine international as €100million (£85.9m, $105.3m) – but interested parties are of the understanding that a lower fee would be deemed acceptable.

Arsenal are among the clubs in touch with both Shakhtar and Mudryk’s representatives, with the 21-year-old known to be focused on moving to the Premier League and determined to make the Emirates Stadium his destination.

Brentford had a deal worth €25million in place last summer, when he was also on Arsenal’s radar, and his stock has since risen. It will ultimately come down to the price and while the north London club may have alternative possibilities, Mudryk is their focus.


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All posturing. Srna knows damn well they won't get 100m from anyone, but 1) he's countering the 40m stories and 2) he's their only top player after all their Brazilians left after Fifa screwed them after the Russian invasion.


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I wonder if we'd have signed him for £25m in the summer were it not for the Elneny injury?

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I hope not much money we'll invest in him he very good talent but really paying over 50M seem just desperate move still not my money tho but want us to be smart.


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What did Liverpool pay for Diaz in January, 45m? I think something around 40m is probably what we should be looking to pay. Seems Mudryk would push for a move as well.


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No way we’re in for both Mudryk and João Félix (if reports on the latter are to be believed). This is proper hairspray wet dream territory. We must be playing them off each other…
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