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Mykhailo Mudryk [Chelsea Bound]

Is Mudryk Thee Stallion disrespecting Shakhtar with his conduct?

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Ouch. Can’t believe he’s only 30 now.
Poor sod has missed over 1500 days through injury. That's more than 4 complete years. Since he joined Arsenal as a kid, he's spent almost as much time injured as not, and during season has been injured more than available.

A shame because he did have genuine talent.


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If you love football, you love Muddy. Simple as.

The guy has monster raw ability. How often do you see all this in one player - pace, power, dribbling, passing, shooting, movement, ambidexterity? Get him in.

Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to mentally picture how a young player can go from where they are to being a really good senior player, but with Mudryk it’s easy. You can already picture him on the biggest stage, he has that star factor.

Finally an Alexis replacement maybe?


Doesn’t Rate Any Of Our Attackers
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This guy is so [Mod Edit: let’s not summon rich with terms like this] I love it, looks like he dated Britney Spears for two months in 2005. This is exactly what this team needs.

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Seem they keep being unrealistic with thier value we need to evaluate if he worth 50-60M or not because in summer his value won't go down.


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Yeah too many of these nerds popping up all over twitter lately. Probably never kicked a football in his life either.
I’m a mudryk fan but he completely lost me at Pausa ffs.

Anyway the most relevant thing is what he said initially and it’s been said here plenty of times by people who “know ball” - mudryk isn’t “just” quick - he also has quick feet. A very important distinction…
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