Nabil Fekir

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by blaze_of_glory, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Would like him as a back up over Welbeck (obviously) but I dont think Arsenal would spend 20 million on a player that would be way down the pecking order. Also dont see him coming to a club with two 50 million strikers ahead of him - two of the most lethal strikers in the world for the last few seasons as well.

    Think Palace is a good move for him, especially as he should be getting plenty of game time with only Benteke as his main competitor for the nr 9 position.

    At Gronigen he scored 5 goals in 38 apps whichs is quite poor in such a mediocre league. Had 10 in 19 in Denmark, so I do think 20 mill is way to much for him. At the same time, the English clubs have that kind of money now. I think the Norwegian we should go for is Sander Berge. Also Samuel Agdenbenro at Rosenborg looks like quite the talent, although not Norwegian.
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    Totally agree with you on Sander Berge, he has techinal quality to go with his physical attributes, needs to improve on things like not holding onto the ball for so long, but he has a lot going for him.
    Sadly there is a lot of talk that he has an agreement in place to join Seville for 13 million.

    Arsenal should ideally pursue him though
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    Hehe I see your point... difference between them though, I'd say chambers was a bigger talent than sørloth, and Perez was for one a very decent player, and secondly came at at time with much less competition for his place. Based on what he showed for us he could arguably been our starting forward. Entirely different situation with Auba and laca as our striking options
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    Worst goal-line clearance followed by best block of all time?
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    Still think Fekir is the truth. Just a shame that we need to spend money in other areas
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    Don't think Auba is more clinical. Auba is only faster. Laca is a better finisher and technically superior
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    I was also of the same opinion, but I've been disappointed in him, he's not only missing sporadically, I've wouldn't worry about isolated incidents, but he just can't seem to put chances away, in that regard he's not that much better than a giroud for example. Maybe he's short of confidence
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    Auba, Laca, target man and nket (he's very highly regarded, i'm not sure if he'll be anything more than akpom/afobe) seems like a good line up to me.
    (shame we had to sell Giroud to get Auba, would have loved to sell Welbeck instead)
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    The article says they might get banned; it hasn't happened yet though.
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    Linked with him again in today’s papers. Why is he so cheap. A reported £40 million sounds cheap for a player of his ilk.
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  16. Aevius

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    Several links in succession... they aren't great on their own but it's strange to see them all come out at once like this. Probably caused by the agent's recent quotes.

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  17. Camron

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    Amazing how this plug guy found out about the Fekir rumors just after every newspaper reports it. Who could be his source?
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    All the newspapers.. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    He seems to be another ITK wannabe.
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    Fek, id love Fekir here, my secret footballer-crush!
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    Nice. Another Aulas 50M scam.
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