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Hope Unai does well if he does end up taking the job. Wouldn't be nice to see the media jump down his throat again if he's struggling.


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I expect Newcastle to be like peak Wolves under Nuno, only full of Spanish speaking players instead of Portuguese ones.

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He had a tough time following Arsène, at that point everybody still believed the AFTV mantra ‘Any manager could get top 4 with Arsenal’. Similar to the tough times Moyes had following Fergie.

Expectations of both sets of fans have since plummeted. And both managers have proved competent since.

1 point off top 4 and an EL final, Arteta would have a statue funded by the Athletic if he achieved that.


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Spanish media confirm he have 6m euros release clause so if he accepted Newcastle job they might just pay the release clause and get it done.


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Imagine if someone had told you Unai would be spending 200 million a season in 2021 three years ago, you'd have thought he was winning CL's with Arsenal lmao


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It was a massive mistake to sack El Dracula if you consider his replacement. I wish him good luck.


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I would go for Howe, if I was Newcastle.

Emery is a quality manager, but not sure he is one to really work that well outside his own country, bit like Moyes though more successful obvs (maybe a translator would help)

Feel Eddie is better suited for what Newcastle need, atm.
Emery is a top class manager. At Arsenal it was the language barrier that hindered him. Northerners are not as fussy with the language as posh Arsenal fans. Atleast we have good talker now saying all the right things. Too bad he is a garbage manager

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