Newcastle United: Howey The Lads


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Bruno seems pretty bitter that we didn't try to sign him, shame when people just can't accept that you didn't want them.


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Can't believe Newcastle did this to Arsenal. The disrespect.

This is Kia "Gunner to heart" Joorabichina's client u know?

To me it looks like the guy just loves slapping Edu with his cock from time to time for pure sadistic pleasure.

They even included a headline with Edu in that promo lmao.


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I see they have just appointed Dan Ashworth as their new DOF. Will probably be a good appointment unfortunately, he is highly regarded within the game and did a solid job at Brighton.


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Newcastle - NU kidz on the block.

So it’s Newcastle, ManCity, Chelsea and Liverpool now.
Others fight for 5th


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Kieran Trippier has fractured his fifth metatarsal. He will apparently be out for a few games. I feel for Newcastle. I don't like the whole Saudi owner thing, but this is the worst kind of luck. He has been quality for them.


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Guimaraes has only made 2 sub appearances so far, both in injury time, 91st and 92nd minute.

Fitness issues or not as good as he is cracked up to be?

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When we won the title on May 3-rd by beating Everton 4-0 as Tony Adams scored that iconic goal, we showed everyone and especially Manchester United that we could beat them. Thirteen days later, when we beat Newcastle 2-0 in the FA Cup final in the legendary Wembley Stadium, it was wonderful... I felt immensely proud for the team, for the club: this was the fantastic response I was able to give to those who had put their confidence in me, as well as those who had put me through all those difficult weeks when I first arrived.

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