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✍️ OFFICIAL Nicolas Pepe (Out)

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Anyway to mute mentions in this thread?

Hope he goes to a team that can create the chances for him to stick away but doubt any side that good is going to take him on. He’s only going to look worse in a worse team 😭


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The 1% chance Pepe goes to a prem team and embarrasses Arsenal means this isn’t happening.

Abroad or run down his contract due to no takers I think. I think he would do well at Newcastle though.

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After most PL team watched him i doubt anyone take him guy only work with teams that counter attack and his first touch is poor. I'd keep until summer because simply we have no other option if ESR and Saka get injured there no option apart from Martinelli who is still a kid.

Apart from Newcastle there no team can afford giving us 30m. Still need to investigate how the fu*k we bought him for 72m ffs raul.


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But AM told me teams like Bayern Munchen and Liverpool were interested in him?
Yeah until Arsenal ruined him.

Why gamble on a player who has flopped at a big club? Only Arsenal do that. :lol:

@yousif_arsenal his first touch isn’t poor or we wouldn’t have signed him in the first place, his touch is inconsistent and isn’t helped by the lack of consistency in minutes.

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Moving to a Everton or Newcastle level team is what he needs to rebuild his career at bit.
I can't see any European club who'd be interested in him being able to offer him a similar wage to what he's on here.

Depends what he wants though. I get the impression he's fairly happy at Arsenal even with the minimal game time.


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Palace or Everton lmao no chance Pepe accepts going there. Potentially Newcastle with their finances and if they could convince him about where they're going but even then unlikely.

Most likely he will run his deal down here, he is too expensive for any European club that he'd consider playing for.


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I've always thought he'd end up at the Toon. Him and Saint Maximin will run tingz. He needs a team that plays to his strengths and he will shine. I don't think we will regret selling him but he will surprise a lot of people.
Surprise how limited and lazy he is. Other fans will not be as patient as us. Can’t wait to see him gone
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