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✍️ OFFICIAL Nicolas Pepe (Out)

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He wanted to go back to France where he preformed well so no big surprise there even if the Leicester offer was better.


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I don’t know the guy but I know this is nonsense, cause it’s France or bust with Pepe.

He dgaf about you man's money. If he's struggling with language barrier in London of all places, logically ask yourselves what he's going to do in Leicester please.

It was always going to be France
Arsenal were always going to foot the bill
You guys aren't getting a fee out of this.

Nice to know Leicester wanted him though atleast.


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I'm actually surprised more PL sides aren't in for him. He's really poor value for what we paid for him but given his stats/minutes in the PL, you'd think sides like Everton, Leicester and Wolves who are struggling to score would be interested in a loan.


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Should tear it up over there. Double figures g/a. Aaron Nico linkup, Uber Eats award.
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