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Not German FFS
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It should be Arteta in this photo.


Like I said: I replace your reality with my own !!
People here criticize Bruno despite his end product and don't rate him highly as Ødegaard or kdb(and I agree with that as well). Just G+A number is not everything.
Uhh.. looks like Bruno's great end product is more like myth coming from that season where he scored 9 penalties in EPL.

In past two seasons and this one without penalties, he has a point per 219 minutes in EPL. Ødegaard last season had a point per 137 minutes without penalties in EPL.

And then you take the point you mention that G+A per 90 isn't everything, and it surely isn't when you watch Bruno play. I bet United fans feel like us watching Özil in his later days at Arsenal.
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