Nicolas Pepe: The Nutmeg Express!

What would you do with Pepe?

  • Keep him for the foreseeable future

  • Give him one more season to prove himself

  • Sell if you can get a significant fee, keep otherwise

  • Sell at any price

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me thinking about Pepe rn



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He should be tried at cf at some point imo
He’s more likely to win duels up against fullbacks though, maybe we should just use that instead.

Doing that we could win a few extra headers and get into dangerous positions. That could be the difference maker in games.

I’m not sure if the club have recognised that and are kicking to him more or if it’s just something we’ve noticed.


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Now let's see the propaganda machine start flowing, can't wait for The Athletic to post how Arteta's methods have taken Pepe up a notch and his tactical nous with him linking with Cedric has transformed Pepe.
Just like clockwork.
Mikel Arteta has the ideal Arsenal partnership to unlock Nicolas Pepe's match winning potential

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I really tried to get you in but your post about dildos was one step too far according to the mods. That coupled with your other...preferences has made things tricky.
Amazingly, you're not even the worst one. Garrincha, onlyone, Macho etc. Dreadful line up.


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Saka and Pepe both in the same line up can be good to increase overall take-ons in the mix which is what we need more of especially when playing the “low block”. Does require discipline and work rate in case the take-on is lost, something Pepe has improved a lot on recently, in tandem with good full back cover where arguably Cedric is better for Pepe than Bellerin. Right there I think there is opportunity to play half of our matches, such as against Burnley, with Pepe starting, rather than fitting in both Ødegaard and ESR into the same line up where threading the needle against “low block” doesn’t easily work, esp. when the CF becomes isolated.

Will see if Arteta goes with both Pepe and Cedric for Burnley, with Bellerin on the bench. My future for Arsenal would contain Pepe, but not Bellerin. If Bellerin is sold this summer there might still be opportunity for AMN (competition with Cedric) instead of looking for a new RB.

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Pepe to save our season is my bet. I don't want to search back all the thread but few months ago I said I'm not ready to give up on Pepe and I'm glad I did not!


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u backed him thru da hard times. Propa Pepe luvva, zero irony.

Same guy who refers to him as Bebe non-stop. Defo backed him! :lol:
Pepe is not even that good in France like his stans want you to believe. At age 24 he had one good season. Against **** defenses. He can get his 8 minutes of looking good on youtube. Enough of of pens to pretend he scores goals. Painfully average. Nobody wanted him.

Thankfully we have Saka who every time he comes in he does something. No excuses. Lovely guy. Pepe is best player in the world you know but only if you set the stage 100% for him. Little baby. Hahahahhaahahahahahahahaha!
I for example don't care that much about the red card. Just don't have faith in Pepe to become a 72 M player. He is not even Walcott or Joel Campbell level player for us atm.
Is Pepe worse signing than Bebe was for United?
Pepe was a 10 M player. We paid 80 M for him. Haha! 🤣
Our record signing Pepe dropped again. Cant wait until we sell him!

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