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What would you do with Pepe?

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  • Give him one more season to prove himself

  • Sell if you can get a significant fee, keep otherwise

  • Sell at any price

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tbh I'm just glad he's still fighting for his spot at this point, my nightmare scenario was the team finally getting some right sided technical players like Partey and Ødegaard plus a proper attacking RB and this forum pretending our right side wasn't absolutely dead for the past few months and blaming Pepe for it.

Mrs Bergkamp

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I'm pleased that he's pulled his whole game together and he might just be the biggest improver this season. He looks totally transformed from trying to take on three players from a standing start, losing the ball, running nowhere and hugging the touchline. I thought he needed to go but he's won me over because he's a 90 minutes man not a glimpses merchant. I used to dread him getting the ball but now, it's a joy to see him hunting it down. His stats (which were always good) abd his performances are now aligned and a big part of our improvement. Credit to the posters who backed him all the way. My humble pie is very tasty.


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Just my luck that he starts turning it around after I have given up on him.

Still a long way to go, though

Pop Tart

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Bad miss but they can happen but he should of started. Plays well and is dropped always for no reason. Poor management by Mikel


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I like that he clearly adds something to our game. You can tell if he was well used he would be a difference maker in a lot of games.

But even a MOTM against Leicester means you're not going to get regular time under the current regime


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Hope he doesnt let those misses go to his head, he's turned a corner lately so needs to just shrug them off....they were shocking though!


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It was admittedly a bad miss but we looked a lot better in the 2nd half when he came on. He just moves a lot and was constantly getting into dangerous positions in the box.

Willian was okay (if I'm being kind), but I think we probably would've scored if Nico started even the 2nd half.

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