No squad number for Jeffers?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Jonny, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. calvinngai88

    calvinngai88 New Member

    maybe a -9 would be a proper 1.
  2. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    how can a number suit someone
  3. 7CHP

    7CHP New Member

    Dont you think Pires suits 7? Dont you think Reyes suits 9? Cesc suits 57 much better than 27. 57 got spirit, 27 is just a number.

    Anyone know what Mathieu Flamini gets? I think he would suit 16!
  4. imbak

    imbak New Member

    Flamini is 36, you can see it on some of the training pics
  5. va_va_voom

    va_va_voom New Member Trusted

    What Boll*x. Had Pires worn 8, or Henry worn 10, or Viera worn 6 or whatever, you would have got used to that player wearing that number. No one suits a number, you just get used to seeing them in what they are given.
  6. 7CHP

    7CHP New Member


    Pires did not want to play for Arsenal unless he got the number 7. Henry could not get the nr 10 because Bergkamp had it, anyways he's not a nr 10. When Vieira arrived the nr 6 was Tone, so... It just isn't "just a number". A lot of footballers are highly superstitious, and the number has a lot to say. 57 says a lot, 27 is, as I said, just a number.
  7. kutz

    kutz New Member

    Numbers do suit some players, but then as games go on and players play for a while in their numbers, what we associate with those numbers is changed as well. Personally, I don't see what extra stuff 57 says than 27. (Unless it says an extra 30, I guess)

    So what ends up happening is that our formation of what numbers suit what players is formed by our idols who play in that number. Why do I wear number 9? Because my hero growing up wore it.

    Numbers are great things that just add a bit more tradition and spice. So sure, go on about the meanings of numbers. They're cool.
  8. Isragooner

    Isragooner New Member

    Cesc is after the number 7!!
    Look out bentley!
  9. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    Since Jughead Jeffs isnt given a number he shouldn now be put in charge of cleaning the senior players boots so as to utilise his contract with Arsenal ...im sure he will be more useful there than on the pitch... ;D

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