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Non-Arsenal Transfers: January 2024

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I don’t have favourites. I have a duty of care to implement my knowledge of football on other AM members. I’m happy to put my neck on the line for unknown talents while others continuously post Tom, **** and Harry.
Wouldn't mind if you actually did that, I'm 100% certain though more than half the players you post about you've never even watched.


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Wouldn't mind if you actually did that, I'm 100% certain though more than half the players you post about you've never even watched.

I’ve been open and honest and said I don’t need to do that, I have my own scouting process.


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This kid's finishes looks unreal.

This kid is probably the most talented player Australia has ever produced. His pace is on par with Walker and Walcott in his prime.

But like Jones said it's a shame he's joined Bayern. Much better off going to Dortmund or somewhere like Brighton in the Premier League.

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Pity. Hoped we'd be in the running for him come June.

Then again, he has a high enough profile that he'd want to start over Saka, let alone compete & we can't have that. We want someone to take the burden of Saka from time to time so he can maintain match fitness.

Hopefully, once they sink back to the Championship, we can help ourselves to Koleosho.
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How many wingers does that bald wants? Leave some good players so other clubs can sign ffs


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Swapping Raphinha for Romero.

What has actually happened to Barcelona...always involved with the most average of players :lol:
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