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Non-Arsenal Transfers: January 2024

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Selling Romero to Barca for Raphina and United selling Varane? I am worried those two clubs are genuinely getting it together.


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Nigeria got some big striker talent coming through, Osimhen is still young and Boniface has barely surfaced now this guy. You heard of this guy @Oxeki name sounds more Romanian than Naija lol.

Also told Brighton to f*ck off so he could go play in a real league, smart kid.
It's a Yoruba name. Rafiu is a common name among yourba muslim males over here.

Yeah. Nigeria has lots of big CF talents currently. It's a shame our FA is Man united-esque in their incompetence.

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Yeah Varane will be next guy to go there Casemiro too utd might get away from it and not losing them for free
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